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Free Pabst Blue Ribbon Tonight to Celebrate 'Conan'

10 years ago by Nicki Escudero
If you're sad about Conan O'Brien's cancellation like I am, drown your tears with some tasty free Pabst Blue Ribbon beer tonight at a The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien viewing party at Boulders on Broadway in Tempe. In addition to scoring freebie classy beer, there will also be a raffle...
Best Of Winner

Best Place to Drink Pabst Blue Ribbon

Old Skool 50 Cent PBR Night

Best place to drink PBR that isn't behind the trash bin in an alley? Yes, it's true, we've got a different fave spot for sucking some PBR down — the Old Skool 50 Cent PBR Night at The Rogue Bar. This dive bar (turned hipster dance club turned rock venue)...

January 19 In Blogs: Anti-Arpaio March, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Nine 05, and Shaq

10 years ago by Jonathan McNamara
In the 24-hour news cycle it can be difficult to keep up. We have the solution. Check back on Valley Fever every evening for highlights from each of New Times' blogs. Today's entries: Feathered Bastard: Photo of Anarchists Assaulting a Horse at the Anti-Arpaio March, and Analysis of the Video...

Blast From the Pabst

13 years ago by Leslie Barton
Some guy must have muttered a prayer -- "Gee, St. Peter, a free pool day would be cool" -- as he shoved the quarters into the slot, because the heavens have parted and the late owner of J-Heads, Sid Copeland, is looking down from that big punk bar in the...

Social Commentary

10 years ago by Catherine Slye
Last week, we found a few mock-ups of Pabst Blue Ribbon murals going up around Phoenix. Looks like this one at 222 E. Roosevelt Street is already getting a response...

First Look: Chupacabra Taproom in Downtown Mesa

7 months ago by Lauren Cusimano
Get beered in downtown Mesa.

Blast by Colt 45, Made by Pabst Brewing, Called Excessively Strong by Tom Horne and Other State Attorneys General

9 years ago by Ray Stern
Arizona's official state gun is the Colt .45, but a trendy alcoholic drink that shares the name shouldn't be on shelves in its current form, says state Attorney General Tom Horne. Horne and 17 other state attorneys general sent a letter to Pabst Brewing Company in Illinois today, asking the famous beermaker...

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