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Named one of the nation's top five zoos for kids in 2003, the Phoenix Zoo houses more than 1,300 animals and is traversed by five trails, which wind through 125 acres of animals, rides and more....
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Bornean Orangutan Born at Phoenix Zoo

5 years ago by Katie Johnson
Apologies to all you newborn parents, but the cutest baby in metro Phoenix right now currently resides at the Phoenix Zoo. And yeah, okay, he's technically an orangutan. On Tuesday, September 2, Bornean orangutans Bess and Michael welcomed their second offspring. The yet-unnamed male was delivered that afternoon in good...

"Supernanny" Producers to Hold Casting Call at Phoenix Zoo

11 years ago by Niki D'Andrea
Are your children unruly? Do they yell at the dinner table, shove each other in the hallway, or refuse to speak to you? Maybe you've got a house full of active kids and can't keep up the pace. Well, Phoenix parents, get ready: if you're feeling overwhelmed, British "Supernanny" Jo...

Pelicans Settle in Their New Phoenix Zoo Home (Did Someone Say Koalas?)

10 years ago by Niki D'Andrea
Six American White pelicans were released into their new habitat at the Phoenix Zoo this week, and are sticking close together for now, according to Dan Subaitis, the zoo's director of animal management.The pelicans arrived at the Phoenix Zoo last month from the Jackson Zoo in Jackson, Mississippi. They had...

Phoenix Zoo Adopts Pelicans Affected by Gulf Oil Spill

10 years ago by Claire Lawton
A FedEx plane brought six American White pelicans to the Phoenix Zoo yesterday. The pelicans all have wing injuries that prevented their ability to fly away from the oil slick left by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April. They'll be in quarantine for the next 30 days, and will...

Jaguar Makes First Public Appearance at Phoenix Zoo Since Dental Surgery

11 years ago by Ray Stern
Lucero, a captured American jaguar, made his debut at the Phoenix Zoo over the weekend -- his first public appearance since two local dentists fixed his teeth. Picture: Courtesy of Phoenix Zoo...

Phoenix Zoo Asks Public to Guess About Tadpoles for Prize

11 years ago by Ray Stern
Here's something to keep your brain hopping for a few minutes:The Phoenix Zoo wants you to guess how many tadpoles will hatch out of an egg mass it received last week as part of a conservation effort. Winners get a cute plush toy and other prizes.Though perhaps not the intention,...

Phoenix Zoo, Desert Botanical Garden Visitors Disrupted by Road Construction

11 years ago by Ray Stern
  Visitors to the Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden may have a few detours to make with road construction on Galvin Parkway expected to last through September. The city of Phoenix is building a roundabout intersection near the Garden. A city of Phoenix worker from the street transportation department...
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Best Reason to Go to the Zoo

Roars & Pours

What could be better than booze and seeing wild animals up close after dark? The Phoenix Zoo's Roars & Pours event happens monthly except during the hotter months. You'll feel like you're behind the scenes walking around the animal exhibits, and although many of the inhabitants of the zoo will...

Rendez-Zoo at the Phoenix Zoo and Grilled Squash Salad in Today's Eater's Digest

8 years ago by Shannon Armour
Hungry for your early morning serving of food news, with no preservatives or additives? Rendez-Zoo 2011 Got $500 (or, for that matter, $75,000) burning a hole in your pocket?  Because an evening of conservation and cuisine does not come cheap. If you're looking to blow your kid's college fund or you just...

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