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Clash of Titans: Andy Biggs and Don Stapley Face off in CD5, with Christine Jones Offering a Wild Card Alternative

4 years ago by Stephen Lemons
State Senator Andy Biggs, then-chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee, rolled out his radical proposal during a late-night, marathon hearing in February 2011, where a number of controversial bills were being rubber-stamped by the Republican-dominated body. The erudite ultra-conservative wasn’t coy in laying out his revolutionary blueprint, a complete elimination of Arizona’s Medicaid program, known by its...


27 years ago by Michael Kiefer
As of last Sunday, Deborah Laake's book Secret Ceremonies sat at No. 11 on the New York Times Bestseller List for paperback nonfiction after nine weeks on the list. Laake is a staff writer for New Times and an executive managing editor for the five cities in which New Times...

Horndog Jim

24 years ago by Terry Greene Sterling
In late July, Mesa city councilmember Jim Stapley sued fellow councilmember Joan Payne. Stapley claimed that Payne had slandered him by calling him a "pervert in polyester" on a local radio talk show. Stapley also sought an injunction in Maricopa County Superior Court preventing Payne from talking about him over...

New Lawmaker Sent to Back of Class

32 years ago by Howard Fischer
Conflict-of-interest rules enacted by the Arizona State Legislature in 1984 were designed as window dressing to show that members really did care how things looked to the rest of the world. But even the rules' sponsors admitted that, when scrutinized, the rules don't mean squat. Despite that, members of the...

Enslaved by the Bell

24 years ago by Howard Stansfield
It is May 1994. A standing-room-only crowd, mostly parents, filters into the auditorium of a library in north Scottsdale. They have come to hear a presentation about the state of their children's education. The evening's keynote speaker is Janet Martin, a former elementary school teacher and conservative educational activist. Martin,...

Christian Crusade

32 years ago by Kathleen Stanton
Angel was preparing to join the dozen or so children who commit suicide each year in Arizona when someone heard her cry for help. At a moment when her despair was so deep that Angel felt as if the earth was closing over her, a stranger reached out and infused...

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