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Rage Against the Machine

8 years ago by Ed Kummerer
Confession time: The Wizard was one of our favorite movies while growing up. There’s something about the kitschy 1989 flick about a grand video game competition, which was essentially a 90-minute commercial for Nintendo, that kept us captivated as kids. We’d recommend the film to those hoping to reign supreme...

Rage Against the Machine

14 years ago by Robrt L. Pela
Usually when indie filmmakers get a little street cred, they head for Hollywood or start scouting a bigger distribution deal. Not Phoenix film writer/director Craig McMahon, who's made a name for himself in independent horror film circles with straight-to-DVD movies like Creep and Laws of Deception. Despite a defiantly snarky...

Rage Against the Machine

16 years ago by Bill Gallo
On its surface, José Padilha's absorbing documentary Bus 174 shows us how a homeless 21-year-old named Sandro Rosa do Nascimento hijacked a city bus in Rio de Janeiro on July 12, 2000, how he took 11 passengers hostage at gunpoint and became the raving centerpiece of a five-hour urban drama...

Rage Against the Legal Machine

23 years ago by Terry Greene Sterling
I knock on the door, let myself in. Melody Baker can't hobble from the living-room couch to the front door unless she takes the morphine prescribed by her doctor. And today, she is trying to forgo the morphine. She wants to explain to me, in the most clear-headed way possible,...

Paul Ryan, You Might Wanna Relisten to These Rage Against the Machine Songs

8 years ago by Troy Farah
Dear Paul Ryan, Congrats on getting the nod for Romney's VP. Must be a big month for you. While you and I probably won't ever agree politically, I realize we have a few things in common. You and I are both male carbon-based lifeforms that breath oxygen and the melanin...

That Prophets of Rage Website Probably Isn't Leading Up to A Rage Against the Machine Reunion

4 years ago by Jeff Moses
Did y’all hear any rumors this week about a potential Rage Against the Machine reunion tour happening this summer? Probably so, considering it was a major topic of discussion after the mysterious-looking website was endorsed by a RATM-approved Twitter account on Tuesday, May 17. The relatively spartan-looking site, which...

Rage Against the Machine's The Battle of Los Angeles: Still Relevant 15 Years Later

5 years ago by Gabriel San Roman
By Gabriel San Roman It was no coincidence that Rage Against the Machine released The Battle of Los Angeles on what's traditionally observed as Election Day in the United States in 1999. The 2000 election season was already in gear, with Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore setting...

Rage Against the Machine, Conor Oberst To Headline Anti-SB 1070 Concert

10 years ago by Stephen Lemons
True to its June 29th promise, the Zack de la Rocha-led, anti-SB 1070 musicians' movement Sound Strike has announced a benefit concert for Friday, July 23 at the Hollywood Palladium to benefit organizations fighting SB 1070 on the ground here in Arizona.Rage Against the Machine and Conor Oberst and the...

Rage Against the Machine's Zack de la Rocha Rocks Tonatierra (video added of Zack singing People of the Sun)

11 years ago by Stephen Lemons
THIS JUST ADDED: Zack doing an inspiring version of "People of the Sun" at Tonatierra. The closest thing to compare it to that I can think of, is that famous footage in the documentary Don't Look Back of a young Bob Dylan singing Only a Pawn in Their Game at a...

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