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Boy Scout Gets Lost in Santa Rita Mountains; Fairly Useless Scout Master Didn't Really Know Where He Was Either

8 years ago by Jason Lewis
Sending teenage boy scouts out overnight to fend for themselves in the middle of the Santa Rita Mountains -- a popular spot for human and drug smuggling -- might not be the brightest idea. It apparently sounded like a good plan to the troop masters of the 14-year-old Boy Scout...

New Prison Health Care Company Centurion Is No Better Than Corizon, Families Say

6 months ago by Elizabeth Whitman
“Nothing has changed, and everything is just as lousy,” said one woman whose incarcerated son suffers from a host of medical problems.

ADC, Corizon Ignored Policies in Denying Hep C Treatment to Wellington Coppess

8 months ago by Elizabeth Whitman
Now, he faces several life-threatening medical problems.

34 Cinco de Mayo Dining and Drink Specials in Greater Phoenix

10 months ago by Julie Levin
All the deals, steals, and discounts for Cinco de Mayo this year.

New Species of Arizona Horned Dinosaur Named After Late Tucson 'Renaissance Man'

1 year ago by Ray Stern
Stan Krzyzanowski "was self-taught. He was a remarkable guy... The only sad thing was he didn't see this."

Republican Billionaire Bob Parsons Sorry His Money Used to Attack GOP Candidate

1 year ago by Ray Stern
Parsons, who resigned from GoDaddy's board earlier this month, says he didn't know what he was getting into when he gave to American Strong.

Here's Your Guide to September 2018 First Friday in Phoenix

1 year ago by Lynn Trimble
Good stuff coming to Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue, Central Corridor, and Warehouse District

Only Known Wild Jaguar Spotted by Wildlife Camera in Southern Arizona

4 years ago by Ray Stern
Here, kitty, kitty! That sound you heard outside the tent while camping near Tucson? It could have been a jaguar. New wildlife-camera footage shot in the Santa Rita Mountains a few months ago shows off one of Arizona's rarest and most beautiful mammals — Panthera onca, the native jaguar. This...

Tucson Prison Brawl Involving 200 Inmates Lands Just 11 Cons in the Hospital

8 years ago by Matthew Hendley
Some inmates got in a fight yesterday at the Arizona State Prison Complex in Tucson. By "some inmates," we mean about 200 inmates brawled for good half-hour.According to the Arizona Department of Corrections, approximately 200 Hispanic and African-American inmates kicked things off around 5:30 p.m. at the Santa Rita Unit,...

Here's Everything Going on with Phoenix's Chinese Cultural Center

2 years ago by Lynn Trimble
Phoenicians worry a change in ownership will result in wiping the site clean of Chinese design and culture.

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