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Dust Up in Sun City

17 years ago by Amy Silverman
Last April, the doctors gave James Manak some painkillers and sent him home to die. After months of unexplained chest pain and difficulty breathing, Manak was diagnosed with a rare, untreatable form of cancer called mesothelioma. At 81, he wasn't so shocked by the death sentence, but he was surprised...

Sun City Thai

14 years ago by Stephen Lemons
I used to loathe doggie bags, mainly the way they stink up the sedan as you're motoring home with half a curry fermenting in the back seat. But I've learned the trick of rolling down all four windows on the trek home so that the breeze blows back any odious...

Sun City Disease

22 years ago by Michael Kiefer
"Mr. President, Mr. President, you have ignored me again." The elderly bearded gentleman dances in the aisle like a small boy who has to pee, and he waves his hand contentiously, disrupting an already heated meeting of the Dysart Unified School District governing board. The president summons him to a...

Sun City Girls: Funeral Mariachi

9 years ago by Jay Bennett
Artist: Sun City Girls Title: Funeral Mariachi Release date: October 26 Label: Abduction Sun City Girls' last-ever record -- they've made dozens since forming in Phoenix way back in the early days of West Coast punk -- comes off as a more somber affair. And some of it is downright...

Wanted in Sun City: Breast Specialists

13 years ago by Stephen Lemons
image courtesy of USDA (no, really) Who knew you needed a degree for this? Couldn't help myself with this one. Did you know they need "lactation consultants" in Sun City? One would've thought the wrinkled dugs up there would be as dry as a parson. And who knew there was...

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