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Here Are the 2016 Mayor's Arts Awards Winners

5 years ago by Lynn Trimble
Several Phoenix artists were honored Thursday, October 13, during the Mayor’s Arts Awards, presented with Phoenix Center for the Arts at Margaret T. Hance Park in downtown Phoenix. Phoenix Center for the Arts is operated by a nonprofit arts organization with an education focus. Its downtown Phoenix venue includes a...

Judy Davis on the Art of Acting — and Being Judy Davis

5 years ago by Bilge Ebiri
Judy Davis doesn’t like the expression “scene-stealing,” even though it precisely describes her performance in The Dressmaker. “I always sort of cringe when I hear that,” she says, “because what it implies is that’s what the actor is after.” So let’s just put it this way: As Kate Winslet’s acerbic,...

Celebrate a World of Music this Saturday on International Jazz Day

5 years ago by Steve Jozef
"The beautiful part about jazz is it's like the gumbo," says saxophonist and keyboardist Doc Jones, who's played with the likes of Aretha Franklin and The Temptations for more than 30 years. "There's all styles of jazz, from Boston over to smooth jazz to acid jazz, and on and on,...

How to Score "Free Beer" During the SUPERFLEX Party at Welcome Chicken + Donuts in Phoenix

5 years ago by Becky Bartkowski
"Free beer" is coming, Phoenix. That's thanks to Danish art collective SUPERFLEX, Welcome Chicken + Donuts, Flowers Bottleshop, and Mother Bunch Brewing. Now, before you get too excited (and as you might know if you are familiar with the ways of SUPERFLEX), "free beer" does not mean no-cost sudsy beverages...

Prime Achievement: A Brilliant Young Mind Doesn't Master Math, but It Aces Life

6 years ago by Alan Scherstuhl
The minds of math and science geniuses have long fascinated the makers of crowd-pleasing narrative features, which is curious, as the complexities that fascinate those minds are antithetical to the feelings-first bounce of popular filmmaking. The movies, having settled into candied naturalism, already struggle to suggest interiority, even of characters...

The Valley's First Cat Cafe Is Coming to Scottsdale

6 years ago by Robert Isenberg
A place that serves coffee and is also filled with felines, that is a “cat cafe” in a nutshell. They're all the rage in Japan. They're gaining popularity in the United States. And by January 2016, Melissa Pruitt will have established the first official cat cafe in the Valley. “People love cats,” Pruitt...

Wok Away: Cantonese Food in the Valley Soon May Be a Thing of the Past

6 years ago by Lauren Saria
Helen Yung earns her living making ice cream, but for her, Chinese food is serious business. On a Saturday afternoon in July, she arrives at New Hong Kong Restaurant in Central Phoenix with two canvas bags. One's full of glass food-storage containers. Yung always brings a bag of containers when...

The 10 Best Historical Metal Bands

6 years ago by Phoenix New Times
By Alex DiStefano Sure, heavy metal music has a history. But could heavy metal music be history? With inspirations ranging from Ancient Egypt and Rome to the American Revolution, and even the Second World War, many bands representing various genres of metal are composing music that pays homage to our...

Imagine Dragons

7 years ago by Katie Johnson
The Southwest is moving east as Chinese Week returns once again to downtown Phoenix. As always, the highlight of this community-based celebration is the Chinese Culture and Cuisine Festival, a three-day immersion into the sights, sounds, history, and flavor of Chinese culture.Here, guests can enjoy volleyball tournaments, a mahjong booth,...

Summer Movies Don't Have to Suck

7 years ago by Chris Klimek
The phrase "summer movies" will never not mean broad, action-driven crowd-pleasers to me: I counted the days until Batman (June 23, 1989), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (July 3, 1991), and Jurassic Park (June 11, 1993) were released. For every Dark Knight, there are 10 Prometheuses — and that's just among...

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.