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Steven Anderson Flips Out, Admits Business and Church Share an Address, Says He's Been Contacted by U.S. Secret Service (w/Update)

10 years ago by Stephen Lemons
Weirdness of weirdness. I was only hoping to do one blog post today, but fate took another turn. I ended back up in Tempe, thinking protest organizer Leonard Clark might be doing another anti-Steven Anderson action for Anderson's 6:30 p.m. service. When I got there, Clark was being interviewed by ABC...

Sen. Sylvia Allen Warns the U.S. Will Soon 'Look Like South American Countries'

5 months ago by Steven Hsieh
"We are not reproducing ourselves, the birthrates. But here's what I see is the issue. It's because of immigration."

Interview: Phoenix Migrant Activist Irineo Mujica on U.S. and Mexico Crackdowns

5 months ago by Hannah Critchfield
Irineo Mujica was surprised when he received a call at his home in Mexico from a Phoenix New Times reporter last Tuesday, just an hour after federal prosecutors in Arizona announced they would seek a retrial of humanitarian aid worker Scott Warren. “That’s still going on?” he asked. Mujica, a...

McSally Has Taken $12K From a Military Landlord She Called a 'Slumlord'

4 days ago by Steven Hsieh
The senator took a max donation from the board chair of a company found to have neglected mold infestations in military housing.

Cider Frontier: Four Scientists Tap Rare and Forgotten Apples to Reimagine an American Beverage

3 days ago by Chris Malloy
Our food critic follows Stoic Cider to a lost orchard hidden in the mountains.

New APS Chief Promises Change Amid Problems With Customer Bills

3 days ago by Elizabeth Whitman
Jeff Guldner apologized publicly on Wednesday for a flawed rate comparison tool that gave customers bad advice.

Lawsuit: APS Refused to Pay Texas Maintenance Company Nearly $900,000

5 days ago by Elizabeth Whitman
An APS audit of the situation "unsurprisingly confirmed its own flawed premise," according to the complaint.

Women’s Rights Activists Ask for Accountability in Migrant Detention Centers

6 days ago by Hannah Critchfield
Advocates call for legislation mandating oversight of Arizona’s ICE detention centers.

APS Used Backdoor Charitable Donations to Sway Regulators, Report Warns

5 days ago by Elizabeth Whitman
Had it not been for a subpoena earlier this year, we might not know the full extent of APS's charitable spending.

‘Remain in Mexico’ Expansion Leaves Aid Groups in Limbo, but Not Inactive

9 days ago by Hannah Critchfield
"It’s very disempowering to not know exactly what’s going to happen," one worker said.

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