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UPDATE: Ben Shapiro Will Speak at Grand Canyon University After All

12 months ago by Steven Hsieh
Amid uproar over its decision to block right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro from speaking on campus, the private Christian college reversed course, extending an invitation to Shapiro to give a talk this spring.

Trump's Proposed Emissions Rule Will Choke Efforts to Clean Polluted Phoenix Air

1 year ago by Elizabeth Whitman
The Trump administration's proposal to halt improvements in fuel-efficiency standards could hurt Phoenix's economy and its health, environmental and health advocates say.

Should Motorcycles Be Allowed Between Lanes of Traffic in Arizona? Bill Says Yes

2 years ago by Ray Stern
The practice could become legal, making Arizona more like California and many European countries.

Plan a Protest, Lose Your House: Arizona Senate Passes SB 1142 Charging 'Provocateurs' With Racketeering

3 years ago by Ray Stern
The Arizona Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow the government to seize the property of people who help plan a demonstration that turns violent.

How Arizona Science Center's Founding CEO Sheila Grinell Found Fiction at 63

4 years ago by Lauren Cusimano
When the founding CEO of the Arizona Science Center Sheila Grinell found fiction, there was no turning back.  Grinell, who retired from the Center in 2004, has turned her crosshairs on fiction writing with the debut of her first novel, Appetite – out via She Writes Press on May 17. She...

Nutrition Fact Labels Are Going to Get a Makeover

6 years ago by Lauren Saria
We've mentioned it before, but in case you didn't know, we'll tell you again: The serving sizes you see on food packages today are actually based on data gathered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the 1970s and '80s. As you can imagine, that data is outdated and so...
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Randy Parraz

Randy Parraz pulled off what most political pundits in the Valley believed was impossible: leading a successful recall against Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, one of the most powerful — and feared — politicians in Arizona.A longtime community organizer, Parraz was raised in Sacramento and got a law degree from...

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