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A Three-Day Burning Man Party Is Coming to Alwun House This Weekend

2 months ago by Lynn Trimble
The AZ Burners are presenting a free IGNiGHT event complete with art, performance, and fire.

Alwun House Gallery & Gardens

Having debuted back in 1971, the Alwun House arguably sired the entire downtown arts district. Housed in a historic two-story built in 1912 home, owners Kim Moody and Dana Johnson the joint as...
Music Venues, Art Galleries, Performing Arts Venues

Alwun House: Out Of Alternatives?

32 years ago by David Koen
Kim Moody, a cockatiel perched on his left shoulder, sits at a table in the backyard of Alwun House, the beleaguered alternative-arts organization he directs. He's smoking Marlboros and sipping black coffee, but otherwise looking pretty relaxed, considering that Alwun, located in a 77-year-old three-story house at 1204 East Roosevelt,...

Alwun House's Green Art Park

11 years ago by D'Aundra Wallace
If you're hungry, like Dry River Yacht Club, or want to rub elbows with a few local artists, the Alwun House might be the place to drop by this weekend. The gallery hosting a benefit concert to raise money for its current project: "Green Art Park" The concept is fairly...

Garfield Screens at the Alwun House Wednesday Night

10 years ago by Jessica VanZalen
Garfield tells the true story of one of downtown Phoenix's first neighborhoods banding together to reclaim a historic neighborhood from crime and city abandonment. Members of the Garfield community, including Garfield Organization founder Lupe Sisneros, reached out to ASU students to make a film that would educate others about the deep-rooted...

Alwun House Artspire Workshop to Help Local Artists

10 years ago by Megan Dobransky
The concept of starving artist has been mocked, clichéd, and even substantiated, but Alwun House and the New York Foundation for the Arts are hosting a workshop on April 23, in hopes of helping local artists secure funding and avoid the stereotype.Kim Moody, Alwun House director, will host Program Officer...

Sex Sells at Alwun House's "Exotic Art Show"

10 years ago by Robrt L. Pela
Brightly colored undraped bosoms. Long, dangly scrotums. Swollen clitorises. If it's February and you're staring at a giant painting of some guy's ass, then you must be at Alwun House. And this must be the venerable institution's annual Exotic Art Show. "People always call this the Erotic Show," says Alwun...

Illustrated Dreams: An Artistic Look at the Dream Act at Alwun House

10 years ago by Bryan Scott Dugan
The local artist says she hopes her latest visual project, "I Dream" -- part of an ongoing "Illustrated Dreams" exhibition at Alwun House -- will explore the true face (and faces) of illegal immigration in the United States.For First Friday in August, Chavarria will hang 20 prints at Alwun House, which...

Sci-Fi Meets Antiquity at the Alwun House's Intertemporalist Steampunk Exposition

10 years ago by Megan Dobransky
What do you get when you cross Victorian-era substance and science fiction-style imagery? Steampunk. This sub-genre of sci fi and fantasy art is hitting its stride in Phoenix and celebrating with an exhibition and masquerade this weekend at the Alwun House. "It's kind of like sticking your head through time,"...

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