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Scottsdale's Soleri Bridge Is a Testament to the Artist -- But It Ain't Perfect

9 years ago by Robrt L. Pela
I could have lived happily never having seen downtown Scottsdale's Soleri Bridge, which was completed and dedicated late last year. I'd put off seeing the bridge not because I don't like Paolo Soleri's work, but because, in fact, I'm a fan of the world-famous 91-year-old architect, the creator of "arcology,"...

Paolo Soleri Turns 90, Builds First Bridge

11 years ago by Lauren Gilger
It is a testament to his dedication and personal grandeur that Paolo Soleri isn't running around today telling the world, "I told you so." It was, after all, nearly 40 years ago that the Italian architect began construction on Arcosanti, his alternative, experimental community near Cordes Junction in the middle...

Paolo Soleri 90th Birthday Celebration

The visionary, Italy-born architect and founder of the conceptual town called Arcosanti near Cordes Junction turns the big 9-0 with this celebration, featuring the unveiling of the new design for Paolo's Soleri Bridge at the Scottsdale Waterfront, photo-ops with Soleri, and a continental breakfast. Park in the Nordstrom garage. Sun.,...

Arty Girl: Paolo Soleri's 90th Birthday

11 years ago by Lilia Menconi
I get the feeling I've been pushing some early morning events on you lately and I apologize for that, I really do. But it's summer and unless you want to go outside in devil weather, you have the choice of late evenings or early mornings for your outings (although this...

Architect and Artist Paolo Soleri (1919-2013)

7 years ago by Claire Lawton
Paolo Soleri was an artist and an architect known for his critical views on urban sprawl and the development of Arcosanti, an experimental community near Cordes Junction. As a public figure and champion of ecological architecture (which he coined "Arcology"), Soleri drew crowds of fans and critics alike to see...

Why SMoCA's Paolo Soleri Retrospective Is a Big Deal

3 years ago by Lynn Trimble
And everything we know about it so far.

Paolo Soleri Is the True Legend of the Arizona Architecture Scene

7 years ago by Kathleen Vanesian
In 1950, two upstart architects, Paolo Soleri and Mark Mills, finished their first commission — the Dome House — a model of which is included in the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art. Their glass dome-covered tour de force was built in rugged, barely accessible desert in...

Here's Your Guide to Canal Convergence in Scottsdale

2 months ago by Lynn Trimble
Including the most Instagram-friendly artworks.

10 Iconic Sculptures in Metro Phoenix

4 months ago by Lynn Trimble
All make cool destinations for tourists — and locals, too.

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