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APS Knew of Flaws in Its Rate Comparison Tool Back in 2017, Complaints Show

9 hours ago by Elizabeth Whitman
“I found out today from a representative at APS who contacted me that the tool comparison box was inaccurate," a customer told regulators in 2017.

Tempe Decides Not to Pay Ex-Police Chief $150K After Email

11 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
An email sent to Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell, City Council members, and the city manager may offer some insight as to why the city changed its mind.

Dem Calls for Kern to Resign as Rules Chair Over Anti-LGBTQ Comments

11 hours ago by Steven Hsieh
"When you spread misinformation about vulnerable communities, you make them targets."

For a Tiny Police Department, Globe Has Big Problems

15 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
At the 26-member Globe PD, two chiefs resigned (one is suing), two got banned from law enforcement, two were suspended, and two were accused of abuse.

Stuck in the Past: Valley Lags Behind Other Urban Areas on Safe Needle Disposal

16 hours ago by Ali Swenson
It's a lose-lose decision: Carry needles and risk a felony conviction, or dispose of them improperly, putting the public at risk.

The 12 Songs of Arizona Christmas: Five Golden Rings

17 hours ago by Chris Coplan
Day five of our musical Advent calendar for intriguing businesses and groups across the state.

Phoenix Artists You Should Be Following On Instagram

17 hours ago by Bri Arreguin-Malloy
These accounts represent the diverse talent our city holds.

25 Best Food-Related Instagram Accounts From Greater Phoenix

17 hours ago by Lauren Cusimano
Some food-related follows and easy-on-the-eye pastry accounts.

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