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Allister Adel Promises Change, Avoids Specifics at First Press Conference

6 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
"I'd need to dive further into those issues to answer," Adel said when asked about the viral video of a Phoenix cop and racist Facebook posts.

Mesa Cop Calls People 'Idiots' for Bringing Up Shaver Shooting on Facebook

10 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
On a post calling for recruits, someone asked if "making innocent civilians crawl down a hotel hallway" was "taught at the academy?"

The Clay Artist Channeling the Sonoran Desert Into Next-Level Dinner Plates

11 hours ago by Chris Malloy
The sky, flowers, and animals find their way even into shot glasses.
Art, DIY

‘We’re Gonna Make It': Bob Rabbit Transforms His Beats Into a Heroic Mission

11 hours ago by Anthony Wallace
This is a story of two creatives who come from different worlds.

An Epic Night of Arizona Food Goes Down on Saturday, October 19

12 hours ago by Chris Malloy
The past, present, and future of food will be on full display.

Phoenix Has a $5 Million Program to Help the Homeless. What Is It Doing?

12 hours ago by Elizabeth Whitman
In 13 months, Community Bridges Inc. got paid a little less than $1 million to get 294 people off Phoenix streets.

Here's Your Guide to October Third Friday in Phoenix

12 hours ago by Lynn Trimble
What to see, and where to see it.

Dani's Local Dish: But Everyone's at Apache Lake ...

12 hours ago by Dani Cutler
Not going to Apache Lake Music Festival? Dani has some tasty local tunes.

Sheriff Penzone Ducks Out of Maryvale Community Meeting Without Speaking

13 hours ago by Hannah Critchfield
The move, which could not be explained by other MCSO deputies present, upset many attendees.

Best of Phoenix 2019: Top Food Stories of the Valley Restaurant World

13 hours ago by New Times Staff
The Valley restaurant world is award-winningly interesting.

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