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Phoenix Police Raid Home of Man in Food Stamp Fraud Investigation

1 hour ago by Meg O'Connor
The family claims Phoenix police went after the wrong target in a botched raid, but police say Abdulaziz's arrest was years in the making.

Mesa College English Professor Showed QAnon Video in Class, Students Say

3 hours ago by Steven Hsieh
"Belmore believes that Q is actually JFK Jr. and he just faked his death."

BlakTinx Dance Festival Creates Safe Space for Black, Latinx Choreographers

9 hours ago by Lynn Trimble
Expect dance works exploring themes of memory, home, and identity.

We Can No Longer Escape the Lure of Escape Rooms

10 hours ago by Michael Palladino
We're living in the age of stay-at-home entertainment, so why are these places bucking the trend?

Seratones Speak Their Piece

10 hours ago by Tom Reardon
This year, they're a band to be reckoned with.

Rolling With the Stones – Bernard Fowler's Inside Out Is a Wild Ride

11 hours ago by Tom Reardon
The Rolling Stones' backup singer recently released an album of covers.

'I'm Gonna Die in Here': 19-Year-Old Mentally Ill Woman Remains in Jail for Spitting

11 hours ago by Hannah Critchfield
A leaked video shows Valentina Gloria accrued charges after she spit, while handcuffed, during a mental health episode.

Hidden Gem: Rag’s Real Chicken & Waffles in Youngtown

11 hours ago by Lauren Cusimano
A soul food restaurant in Youngtown offers sky-high chicken and waffles, and it's BYOB.

Tempe Was Part of The Rolling Stones' History 38 Years Ago

11 hours ago by Serene Dominic
Local attendees like Lawrence Zubia and Danny Zelisko remember the historic 1981 show.

An Upcoming Biltmore-Area Restaurant Is Looking to Hire 100 People

12 hours ago by Lauren Cusimano
An upcoming Esplanade restaurant needs to fill 100 positions for its fall opening.

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