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Apollo 11 Anniversary: Fun Ways to Celebrate in Phoenix — and Beyond

7 hours ago by Lynn Trimble
Fun ways to celebrate — including films, talks, and art exhibits.

Phoenix Police Union Uses Tempe Video of Ames Arrest to Justify Phoenix Cops

13 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
PLEA also confirmed Phoenix officers were not aware of Dravon Ames' prior arrest in Tempe when they threatened to shoot Ames and his family for shoplifting.

Kingman Prison, Site of 2015 Riots, Faces Water Shortages After Well Problems

14 hours ago by Elizabeth Whitman
Kingman Prison has access to half its usual water supply. The county water provider says it's obligated to prioritize a power plant over the prison.

RPM Orchestra in Phoenix Take A Trip to the Moon

14 hours ago by Lynn Trimble
RPM Orchestra are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 with a new silent film score.

Hidden Gem: The Original Blue Adobe Grill Near Downtown Mesa

15 hours ago by Lauren Cusimano
This place could be your new favorite in plain sight.

There and Back Again: Gardens & Villa Return to Nature on 'Underneath the Moon'

15 hours ago by Gerrit Feenstra
The indie rock group will perform July 23 at Valley Bar.

Etiquette 101 for Coffee Shop Guests in Greater Phoenix

16 hours ago by Natasha Yee
Basic etiquette tips for coffee shop patrons in metro Phoenix.

10 Music Films Showing Around Metro Phoenix This Summer

16 hours ago by Lynn Trimble
Music films around down spotlight punk, rock, and hip-hop creatives.

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