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Tempe Police Declare War on 'Penis Man'

4 hours ago by Ray Stern
"The Tempe Police Department has opened an investigation in attempt to identify and apprehend person/s responsible."

Woman Can't Keep Frozen Embryos Without Ex's Approval, Top Arizona Court Rules

9 hours ago by Ali Swenson
A Phoenix woman won't be able to use frozen embryos to have a baby without the consent of her ex-husband, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

Arizona BLM Has Known About Lead Problems at Table Mesa for a Decade, OIG Says

11 hours ago by Elizabeth Whitman
It still hasn't cleaned up the contamination, which comes from target shooting, and according to a federal probe, it never warned the public.

A Phoenix Photographer's Storm Footage Is in Pearl Jam's Latest Video

13 hours ago by Jason Keil
His stunning footage appears in the clip for the experimental single.

Cafe Review: The Elusive Joys of Cuban Food

14 hours ago by Chris Malloy
We taste two new spots: a classic cafeteria in Glendale and a Caribbean-fusing cafe in north Phoenix.

How a Tempe Choreographer Found Inspiration in Frank Lloyd Wright

14 hours ago by Lynn Trimble
Carley Conder is exploring the intersection of architecture and dance.

Dani's Local Dish: One Step Beyond

14 hours ago by Dani Cutler
A birthday bash and a charity event are on the schedule this weekend.

28 Arizona Cops Got Banned From Law Enforcement Last Year

15 hours ago by Meg O'Connor
It's a sliver of Arizona officers, but the records show the unethical, and, in some cases, criminal, conduct some cops engage in while on duty.

8 Great Dessert Pies In Greater Phoenix

15 hours ago by Allison Young
The upper crusts of the upper crust.

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