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18 Dining Trends That Must Die

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Kevin Cannon
1. Raspberry vinaigrette. Remember when raspberry vinaigrette was a new, fancy thing? George Bush was president at the time. George Bush Senior. It's 2015, already. It's time this salad staple went the way of the Pet Fart and feathered bangs. At the very least, it should no longer be offered as something exciting and rare.

I have endured the popularity of the gastropub. I have smiled through clenched teeth at the new trend in slaws. I've remained silent while tacos have taken over nearly every menu; while food trucks continue to blot the horizon and chefs boast about their special "pan-fried" pork chops. (Precisely what other object might you have fried a pork chop in?)

I've begun to worry: If I continue to look the other way when a waiter brings a "shared dish" with no serving utensils or tenders the bill before I've ordered dessert, will my head eventually explode? Rather than sitting still while annoying dining trends eat me alive, I've compiled a list of them, ranked from bad to worse.  

Illustrations by Kevin Cannon