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40oz to Freedom

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Club Red / Red Owl
Live Music Venue � Tempe, Arizona
Headliner : 40 OZ to Freedom
Day Of Show Ticket Price : $12.00
With Special Guests : No Coast * Black Bottom Lighters
Venue : Club Red
Door Time : 7:00 PM
Age Restrictions : 21+
Biography : 40 oz to Freedom formed in March of 2007 and has been turning heads from day one. They have a uniquely similar sound to Sublime as well as an amazingly energetic show that is sure to leave you wanting more. All in all, this is the band to see for any true Sublime fan. Sublime was an American reggae/punk/ska band from Long Beach, California, United States. A more detailed look at the band�s stylistic influences reveals a mix of reggae and dub, ska, punk, progressive rock, acoustic rock, hip-hop, and dancehall. The band consisted of three members: Bradley Nowell (vocals and guitar), Bud Gaugh (drums), and Eric Wilson (bass guitar). The band achieved mainstream success with their self-titled third album, but Brad died of a heroin overdose shortly before and the band broke up soon after. The band is still considered influential today, and their music sees heavy airplay on American Alternative radio stations. From 1988 through the mid 1990s, Sublime toured heavily throughout southern California and garnered a substantial following of surfers and skaters. The band sold their initial recordings at live shows�eventually including their first full-length album 40 Oz. to Freedom. Released on the band�s own Skunk Records, 40 Oz. to Freedom featured several songs that would go on to become fan favorites, including the title track �40 Oz. to Freedom� and �Date Rape�, as well as a selection of covers, including their amazing version of �Smoke Two Joints�.