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5 Reasons the Tucson Restaurant Scene Is Better Than Ever

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Laura Greenberg
Coronet’s homemade goodies peeking out of their front counter display window
When my family landed in Tucson in the late '70s, my parents — who couldn't cook — opened a crepe restaurant, which was as darling as fusion is now. We're New York transplants and didn't have a clue about edibles, unless they included word "nitrates" or "deli." For us, food meant love, and we figured that would guarantee success because we were sending out platters smothered in affection, forgetting a restaurant is a business. Luckily, others have fared better. Fast-forward years later, and dining out is almost a competitive sport. Tucson, long considered the Venice Beach of Arizona with its laid-back vibe, seems to see a notable new eating establishment pop up weekly.