A Friday the 13th Filled with Art, Fashion, and Music.

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Michelle Sasonov
Happy Friday the 13th, indeed.
While some waited in line for hours to get a Friday the 13th tattoo, these Phoenicians had a better idea. Those in Mesa experienced the Second Friday Art Walk — an alternative to Phoenix's better-known First Friday. Shops in downtown Mesa stayed open late while vendors outside sold their creations — including food and drinks. Proof that Scottsdale is more than an Old Town nightclub scene: Nicola Vendettoli's Cupcake! celebrated its five-year anniversary at the Rogue Bar and it did not disappoint. Sexy and freaky clowns danced to goth and industrial music, while others posed for the photo booth. The truly daring went to Vera Saucy's What the Queer?! for some queer art, music, fashion, and performance. Who says dressing up is only for Halloween? Photos by Mello.