Art Lovers Explore New Art and Dance From Phoenix to Mesa

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Lynn Trimble
Tiffany C. Bailey does a happy dance with her husband after getting selected for a 2018 solo show in Mesa.
For metro Phoenix art lovers, the weekend before Valentine's Day must have felt like a whirlwind romance, given the sheer number of arts and culture offerings — from the new ceramics show at Shemer Art Center to exotic arts at Alwun House. On Friday night, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum held opening receptions for new exhibitions, where careful observers spotted works by several local artists. On Saturday, the Heard Museum opened its new Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Grand Gallery to the public, and hosted it 2017 hoop dancing championship. That night, Jessica Rajko presented one of three weekend performances for her latest dance work called Me, My Quantified Self, and I at Unexpected Art Gallery. Here's a look back at several of these events, and the people who turned out to enjoy them. All photos by Lynn Trimble.