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Club Candids: Bloodfest 2015

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Benjamin Leatherman
Only at Bloodfest can you have Satan in attendance at your wedding.
It’s pretty safe to say that annual Bloodfest is unlike any other Halloween event around. First off, there’s the fact the underground dance party takes place out in the middle of nowhere, offers rave-like thrills from dusk until dawn, and (as its name implies) involves soaking its attendees in endless amounts of fake blood. You can also get married, albeit in tounge-in-cheek fashion, to any other attendee, or watch weird skits taking place.

Such things transpired during Bloodfest 2015 on Saturday, October 31, which took place out in the desert hinterlands of the Valley and was attended by a slew of local ravers, as well as the shutterbugs of Club Candids.

Photos by Benjamin Leatherman