Drake's Club Paradise Tour, Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion

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There was a moment last night during Drake's bombastic, flashing performance at Ashley Furniture HomeStore Pavilion were I wondered if Drake was going to review me. It was during an extended (ten or fifteen minutes) audience appreciation segment, where Drake turned the lights on the crowd and shouted out girls he found sexy, guys he wanted to clown on, and little kids (who "better not go home cussin' and shit").

As his razor sharp band -- a stellar drummer, keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, and DJ -- played an languid, soft jazz groove, Aubrey Drake Graham called out to his fans: the girl in the Sade shirt (he's a big fan), the girls with their hair looking all "Afrocentric and shit," and the dozens of fans wantonly violating the "don't wear a band shirt to said band's show" rule, sporting OVOXO, YOLO, and Take Care shirts.

"I think of my fans as my family," he said, and while he softly crooned to specific audience members, it was easy to buy the somewhat cheesy statement. Selling that kind of humility (especially when you're lyrics include boasts like "Last name Ever/first name Greatest") is a tough sell, but Drake pulled it off with a boatload of charisma. Read the full review of Drake's Club Paradise tour, by Jason P. Woodbury. PHOTOS BY MARIA VASSETT.