Getting Hot and Wet for one.n.ten

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Michelle Sasonov
Cuddle puddle.
On July 12, an arsonist set fire to the one.n.ten building on Third Street at Weldon Avenue. The youth center the building housed was a safe haven for many. Thankfully, the local LGBTQ community is committed to raising funds to help the organization. Kobalt Bar and the Clarendon Hotel joined forces on Saturday, August 5, throwing a pool party to remember. The event was complete with raffle prices, Jell-O shots, and Tranquilo tacos.The hotel was even nice enough to donate 10 percent of the room rate to one.n.ten. Stella Prince, the lovely hostess Miss Kobalt 2017, strutted around making sure everyone was having a grand time. The next one.n.ten benefit event is on Sunday, August 13, at Tempe Center for the Arts. Photos by Mello.