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Hugh Laurie at Mesa Arts Center, 6/3/14

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Toes were tapping, bodies were swaying, and there were mini standing ovations after almost every song Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band played for a sold out crowd Tuesday night at the Mesa Arts Center. If there was any doubt that the 'House M.D.' star was a tried and true musician before, it was quickly forgotten somewhere between his guttural performance of "Wild Honey" and him jumping up on the piano to play with his feet during the finale.

Laurie's show was equal parts pure musical talent, only accentuated by the multi-talented, seven-person Copper Bottom Band, and almost Broadway-level theatrics like the on-stage intermission he held for him and his band mates to take a shot of whiskey.

But somehow, amidst the tango dancing, British wit, sing-a-longs, and two encore performances, Laurie still came across as just another music lover, riffing and jamming with his good (and insanely talented) friends.

Photos by Evie Carpenter