NOFX at The Marquee Theatre, 1/7/12

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As the last few people filed in to the Marquee, it was obvious that the crowd was there to see NOFX. Fans chanted the band's name until the guys took the stage with piss-free tequila shots in hand. "I could tell you some stuff that would freak you out, but you don't speak English," said Mike, who proceeded to explain what a chili dog was. He also said Phoenix was too broke for meth and implied that we all had to ask our parents for money to see the show. Regardless of who paid for tickets, the Marquee was packed and full of life. There were more large-scale circle pits and crowd surfers than the average show. So my hat's off to you NOFX, even if you aren't the biggest fans of our town. PHOTOS BY MELISSA FOSSUM.