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People Who Love Bieber Gather at Gila River Arena

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Jim Louvau
Justin Bieber performs at Gila River Arena in Glendale on Wednesday, March 30.
Something happened to pop star Justin Bieber in late 2015 when he released his latest effort, Purpose. Instead of just being the desire of many teen girls around the world, he broadened his fan base to music fans who were looking for something other than just another teen idol. It wasn't just fans who took notice;  it was also other musicians who began to respect, or just pay attention, to the Beebs. Escape The Fate recently covered "Love Yourself," and even goth-rock legend Marilyn Manson posted a Twitter photo of himself wearing a Bieber T-shirt. With all the hype, was there a chance that Bieber may have finally grown up and turned into a real artist? The answer is no, and the first hint may be all of the writing credits on the record, which indicate that there were a bunch of cooks in the kitchen. For many of the fans that attended his March 30, 2016, show at Gila River Arena, they learned that their hero loved himself much more than they could ever love him. Photos by Jim Louvau.