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Phoenix's Sexiest Vampires Come out to Play at Vampire Ball.

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Michelle Sasonov
Perish and DJ Defense Mekanizm.
It's not even Halloween yet, but Vampire Ball already stole the show on Friday, October 28.  The ball was thrown by Scorpius Dance Theatre and Davisson Entertainment to support Lisa Starry's A Vampire Tale. The best part of the evening, besides the amazing dance performances, was the vampire-watching. Local goth favorites DJ Self. Destrukt, DJ Defense.Mekanizm, and Bella Lune provided the spooky tunes for the dance floor. The crowd was showered with hot metal shards courtesy of LA artist Perish and his violin. And as always, body painting was one of the spectacles by artist Brandon McGill. Phoenix's goth scene will never be the same after one hell of an evening. Photos by Mello.