See Art By Arizona Artists With Works Being Shown During Miami Art Week

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Pete Deise/Photo by Lynn Trimble
Work by Pete Deise previously exhibited at New City Studios.
Miami Art Week is in full swing as artists, collectors, and art lovers from around the globe descend on the Miami area for art fairs focused on modern and contemporary art. The renowned four-day Art Basel Miami Beach kicks off December 1, but several other art fairs are also underway in the area. Phoenix-based Lisa Sette Gallery is showing works by 12 artists, including five artists based in Arizona, during a prestigious art fair called Art Miami. And Laura Dragon of Phoenix-based {9} The Gallery is showing works by eight artists, including six based in Arizona, during the well-known X Contemporary art fair. For those who can't just hop on a plane to Miami, we decided to revisit works we've seen by Arizona artists showing during Miami Art Week. Enjoy! All photos by Lynn Trimble.