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Tempe Rings in the New Year!

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Michelle Sasonov
Sierra Joy's art made for a great backdrop.
It seemed to rain all day on the last day of 2016 in Tempe. But as it got closer to 2017, the sky cleared up and the outdoor party at the Compound went on as planned. This bash featured Playboy Manbaby and DJs such as Djentrification. There was also an art show that covered the space's walls, as well as an RV party bus. Fire pits helped combat the cold. 

Yucca Tap Room didn't have to worry about the weather, as its NYE celebrations were inside the bar. The left side featured the monthly '80s party; the right had Tony Martinez with other area country-music stars. All in all, 2016 ended on a good note in Tempe, Arizona!