The Grandest Art Festival and Parade of the Year

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Michelle Sasonov
People enjoying the art cars.
The Grand Avenue Festival celebrated its eighth year and showed no signs of stopping. In fact, there were many new businesses joining the festivities such as TransAm, TCB4AZ, Blackstar, among others. 
The Festival started bright and early with a Historic Building Tour. Attendees got an exciting sneak peek  of the new Hotel Desert Sun. Also taking place on Route 60 was the Phoenix Annual Parade of the Arts, now in its eleventh year. Some festival-goers dressed up for the 'Superheroes' theme, some were just plain kooky! For the first time ever, the festival featured art cars at the Unexpected Art Gallery, which also hosted the Untrashed Recycled Fashion Show and "WEARizona presents Fashion by the Movies."  After hours parties packed people into Unexpected and ThirdSpace for drinks and local music. Thanks to Beatrice Moore and so many others, the festival was a hit, bringing the community together and celebrating art! Photos by Mello.