Watch These Buses, School Buses, Government Vehicles Breaking Traffic Laws

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City of Scottsdale
Red-light violation. Registered to Regional Public Transportation Authority (RPTA). Notice reissued to identified driver.
A review of Scottsdale photo-enforcement records from the first half of 2017 showed a large number of city buses running red lights and other government violators.

But as a Phoenix New Times story today explains, government officials, including from the city of Scottsdale, don't always respond to the mailed notices of violation — even as the city encourages the public to respond.

In this photo gallery, take a tour of 48 of these violators captured by the camera between January 1 and June 30. Some of police and fire vehicles no doubt had good cause to trigger a speed- or red-light camera violation, but it's not always clear if they're responding to an emergency or simply driving poorly.

We've annotated each picture with a description including the vehicle's registration and the status, when known, of the notice of violation. For notices reissued to identified drivers, some of the citations were likely paid, but records indicate that reissued notices sometimes were subsequently ignored by the drivers.