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Who's Your Favorite New Band from Rock Lottery?

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Michelle Sasonov
Nasty Woman: Jef Wright (of Roar / Treasure Mammal), Cassidy Hilgers (of Sister Lip / Field Tripp), Caleb Dailey (of Bear State / Flower Festival), Taylor Upsahl (of Upsahl), and Jacob Lauxman (of Twin Ponies).
For every true local Valley music lover, Rock Lottery is the event of the year. Twenty-five musicians are put in a lottery and randomly chosen to create five new bands. Here's the catch — they have all day to create three songs and to practice a cover to perform at that night's sold-out show. A few of the chosen musicians included Amber Johnson (of decker.), Austin Rickert (of Jerusafunk/Playboy Manbaby), 
and Austen Mack (of  Captain Squeegee). Highlights of the show included the country band Yank Williams, the Wet Delicates with their elaborate costumes and weird sounds, and finally, Nasty Woman with a cover of Fleetwood Mac. Proceeds help blossoming young musicians at Rosie's House Music Academy. Photos by Mello.