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Best Kratom Vendors: Verified Brands To Buy Kratom For Sale Online In 2021

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In recent years, Kratom has gained immense popularity globally as more people are aware of its practical health benefits. First, Kratom is a tropical tree in the espresso family whose leaf extract is used as a calming and energizing supplement. According to reports, the extract can relieve digestive system problems, severe pain and help people who are addicted to opiates.

Like every other commodity in the global market economy, increased demand leads to a rise in the number of vendors. You can buy online from some of the best Kratom vendors for a fair price and have it delivered to your door in a matter of days. However, how do you identify reputable vendors? This article lists five reliable digital platforms to buy Kratom online.

Best Kratom Vendors To Buy From On The Market [Reviews]

1. Kats Botanicals - Top-Rated & Editor’s Choice

2. Kraken Kratom - Highest Quality

3. Kratom Spot - Best Customer Service

4. Golden Monk - Best For Bulk Orders

#1. Kats Botanicals - Top-Rated & Editor’s Pick

Brand Overview

Kats Botanicals, created by Justin Kats, is the 5-year culmination of the quest for organic solutions. The primary aim of these organic remedies was to address common health concerns. Many emerging botanicals offer subpar commodities or even nonfunctional products.

Kats Botanicals is committed to supplying customers with the best, authentic, and most efficient Kratom. What distinguishes them is their confidence in the medicinal effects of Kratom. Kats Botanical products are all produced in the United States. Their lead team is centered in New Jersey and involves people from different fields of research and specialty.

A further indication of Kats Botanicals’ credibility in the kratom market is that all of their commodities are naturally sourced. Their Kratom is grown in Indonesia utilizing organic and conventional farming methods. They claim to have close relations with reputable dealers and ensure complete transparency about Kratom’s sources and quality.


100% natural ingredients.

Organic and tested Kratom leaves.

They guaranteed a 30-day full refund.

Wide range of kratom products.

AKA and GMP certified products.


Free delivery only applies for packages above $100.

Products are only ordered from their official website.

Clients below the age of 21 cannot use it.

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Kats Botanicals offers you the luxury of purchasing their Kratom in various forms. You can order it in powder, capsule, bestseller, or Kratom in bulk. The Kratom obtained from this platform is tested to ensure the ultimate quality and efficacy. They still offer Kratom based on the strain needed by the client.

1. Red Vein Kratom.

2. Maeng Da Kratom.

3. White Vein Kratom.

4. Bali Kratom.

5. Green Vein Kratom.

6. Yellow Kratom.

Furthermore, Kats Botanicals also offers masterpieces and customized blends to satisfy their clients’ needs.

Product Testing

All Kats Botanicals products are outsourced conventionally from Indonesian farm fields. Quality is thereby maintained from the point of production to the point of utilization. Buying from reliable vendors means that you receive the finest Kratom.

Every product is third-party checked in a government-approved lab to ensure purity and quality in the commodity before it reaches the client.


Kats Botanicals invests in demonstrating that their Kratom is genuine instead of merely claiming so. Just a handful of firms can attain this standard and claim to be Current Good Manufacturing Practices accredited. This ensures that their operations adhere to stringent protocols.


Seven measures are taken, beginning with the examination of kratom powder and ending with the final commodity quality control review. This involves heavy metals, bacteria, added additives, and microbial screening to ensure that you get the best quality Kratom in hand.


The whole process of harvesting kratom leaves, processing, powdering, and packing is transparent. You can be confident that the commodities offered to you are all pure and natural, with no fillers or additives. However, if you are not entirely content after checking their official website, the most recent lab reports will be issued upon contacting Kats botanicals.


Their products are only available from the Kats botanicals’ official website. They guarantee timely delivery and give free shipping on orders above $100. 28 different varieties of both kratom powder and capsules are available at Kats Botanicals. Their Kratom prices vary based on the strain you purchase. Their rates are comparable with those of their rivals. The powders are sold in 20- and 250-grams variants, whereas capsules are sold in packages of 60 capsules.


Despite having many vendors selling Kratom online, Kats Kratoms still outperforms most of them in various ways. Their close partnership with Southeast Asian producers and distributors is vital to product quality. Moreover, the vendor’s support service agents are very amiable. This enables easy and quick placing of orders.

The vendor also gives the customer a range of products to pick from. You can sign up for the VIP package and get great deals on merchandise and delivery.

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#2. Kraken Kratom - Highest Quality

Brand Overview

Kraken Kratom is a family-run business company based in Portland, Oregon. They are specialists in acquiring and selling high-quality botanical products such as cannabidiol, Kratom, and kava. This firm is committed to quality and consistency. Therefore, as you order Kratom from Kraken, you should be confident that you will be receiving the top-quality Kratom in the market.

Additionally, Kraken strives to keep the products in excellent quality and safety levels. All goods are subjected to rigorous lab screening and quality control checks. They also allow you the convenience of obtaining a certified copy of the authenticity of their products.


A part of the shop is devoted to equipment used for preparing your kratom routines.

American Herbal Products Association member.

Finest plant produce used.

They offer vegan-friendly capsules.

Loyalty program for product discounts.


Under-18 clients cannot use it.

Shipping restrictions.

Not recommendable for expectant and nursing mothers.

The 30-days return policy only works for unopened products.

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1. Kraken Kratom tea powder and leaves

This is Kraken’s smash hit category, with Bali Kratom in both leaf and powder form being a people’s favorite option. If you are yet to try Kratom, this is the product for you! It is the dried leaves of the kratom tree that are ground to produce this product. The powder is quite fine and can be added to food or beverages or capsuled. However, the leaf has a coarser grind and is ideal for preparing tea.

2. Kraken Kratom extract

The extract appears to be identical to kratom powder; however, it is not. Kratom extract is produced using quite a prolonged alkaloid processing cycle which results in a product that is much stronger than regular Kratom powder. As a result, you will use much less extract yet achieve the same results. Furthermore, if you have never tried the extract before, you should be cautious not to consume an excessive amount.

3. Capsules

In case you dislike the flavor of kratom tea, Kraken’s kratom capsules can be your preferred substitute. The capsules are tasteless and easy to swallow.

Kraken also offers some unique products, such as workout supplements. Kraken features the following strains:

4. Maeng Da Thai Kratom

This kratom variety was initially grown in Thailand and Indonesia. Kraken sells red vein and white vein leaf, as well as powders and capsules. It also features powdered yellow vein kratom.

5. Borneo Kratom

This strain indigenously originates from the Indonesian island of Borneo. The Kraken Kratom site offers the red vein and white vein variants of this Kratom.

6. Kali Kratom

It is a typical red vein strain from Indonesia’s Kalimantan region. It lacks the stimulus qualities of Maeng Da; however, it does have critical pain-relieving properties. Moreover, Red Kali has a slight but long-lasting sedative impact making it suitable relaxation.

7. Indo Kratom

Indo kratom gets its name from its Indonesian origin. The success of Indo kratom can be due to its alkaloid-rich content. Super Indo Kratom is available from Kraken. This variant is known to provide an improved feeling of euphoria and well-being.

8. Malay Kratom

This Kratom is native to Malaysia. Kraken provides Malaysian Super Green Kratom powder and leaf. This product is known to balance the sedative and pain-relieving qualities of a red strain with the vitality and euphoria-inducing attributes of a white strain.



Kraken Kratom was the first vendor to be approved by the American Kratom Association. Moreover, they are also devoted to manufacturing products at current Good Manufacturing Practices convenience.

Quality standards

The 300 CT subsample collection is used to ensure that all products are consistently blended and checked to match US Pharmacopeia requirements.

Strict policies

Essential measures, such as sanitization and thorough cleansing of workplaces, are strictly enforced.

Additional screening

Aside from the tests listed above, Kraken Kratom also performs heavy metal identification tests. Furthermore, steps are taken against pathogens such as filamentous fungi, as well as Salmonella.


To purchase any Kraken kratom products, visit their official website. It is easy to use, and customer service support is always available to answer any questions about your orders.


All orders are eligible for USPS priority mail shipping on purchases above $200 and free United States Postal Service first class delivery on all orders. Your order should be made during working hours. Due to Kraken Kratom’s courier, requests for shipments outside the working hours cannot be addressed.

Customer service

Kraken Kratom can be reached via various channels, such as e-mail, postal mail, and their site’s contact form. You can ask your queries through their online portal or by e-mailing their customer service. They also have a remarkable social media presence where you can reach them.


If you are searching for a reputable company that sells genuine kratom products, look no further than Kraken Kratom. The American Kratom Association acknowledged their product safety and assurance measures. Nevertheless, you will enjoy their fascinating features that include; guaranteed satisfaction, free and quick shipping on all orders, and consistently high-quality products.

It also has a consumer loyalty scheme in which consumers are rewarded with points for doing things like subscribing to the newsletter, reviewing items, and sharing on social media platforms.

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#3. Kratom Spot - Best Customer Service

Brand Overview

This US-based Kratom brand was founded in 2014 and is centered in Irvine, California. Vast of their popularity can be attributed to the fact that they source their Kratom directly from Southeast Asia, its native origin. Kratom Spot’s most significant objective is to keep their clients satisfied.

Kratom Spot’s products range from a wide assortment of Kratom powders, Kava, Kratom capsules, and extracts in many strains. Their Kratom powders are among the best available, and they have probably the snappiest transportation accessible anywhere.


Variety of products.

Top rated.

Quick shipping.

Excellent customer service.

Same-day shipping for orders.

Guaranteed refund for unsatisfied clients.


Does not provide international shipping.

Relatively costly products.

Does not support other forms of payment such as bitcoins or PayPal.

=> Visit the Official Website of Kratom Spot for the Best Discount

Kratom Spot products

1. Red Thai Kratom.

2. Green Thai kratom capsules.

3. Red Bali Kratom powder

4. White Bali kratom powder

5. Red Maeng Da Kratom

6. White Maeng Da kratom.


Given that the vast majority of people tend to buy Kratom in small amounts, Kratom Spot is the place to go if you need to buy in bulk. Unlike other vendors that allow clients to buy Kratom in limited quantities, The Kratom Spot allows wholesale purchases.


It is difficult to assess a seller’s competence without first examining their prices. Luckily, Kratom Spot sells its products at reasonable rates. Generally, kratom powder is somewhat an economical choice. The is owed to the ease of producing and shipping it. In contrast, capsules are more complex to manufacture and package. As a result, consumers should anticipate increased prices. Moreover, due to their complex extraction process, extracts are even more costly. Kratom Spot has a philosophy of selling its goods at fair rates regardless of Kratom’s type or form.

Nevertheless, clients are often offered discounts. Many that sign up for coupon newsletters would use codes to get money back on some goods. Moreover, customers who buy in bulk or several items at once qualify for a discount on their next purchase.

Support service

Kratom Spot’s helpful support team is always available through live chat, phone calls, and customer service platforms to address all queries and concerns. According to numerous Kratom Spot reports shared online, the customer care staff seems to be very experienced and can provide helpful advice about getting the best out of Kratom. They will also assist consumers in deciding which strain is right for them based on the health incentives they need.


Customers are entitled to a full refund if they are dissatisfied with the goods purchased from Kratom Spot. Refunds can be requested through the company’s customer service portal for expedited processing.

Ordering at Kratom Spot

This is a simple procedure. All consumers have to do is visit the website platform to locate the commodity that piques their curiosity. Place an order and expect shipment, which may happen on the same or following day. Refunds are guaranteed on items that did not reach their intended recipients. Clients can also opt for express Kratom Spot delivery if they wish.

All major credit cards are accepted at Kratom Place. It is, however, disappointing that they do not allow PayPal transfers. Even then, since credit cards are still the most common mode of payment, customers can conveniently shop for their preferred products from Kratom Spot.

Payment options

Like any other online Kratom store, Kratom Spot provides a range of accessible and customer-friendly payment alternatives. All dominant credit cards are accepted at Kratom Spot. Unfortunately, they do not accept payment methods other than credit cards, like PayPal, but the list of accepted credit cards is broad enough that you ought to find an alternative that suits your needs.

Bottom line

It is difficult to find a seller who stocks over 30 variant strains of Kratom. Just a handful are willing to market a diverse selection of high-quality strains in many ways and at fair prices. It is also essential to acknowledge the authenticity of the varieties available at Kratom Spot. Indeed, it would be best if you considered Kratom Spot as a top kratom vendor.

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#4. Golden Monk - Best For Bulk Orders

Brand Overview

Although being among the latest entrants to the online Kratom sellers’ market, Golden Monk has established itself as an undisputable market player. This Las Vegas-based company, established in 2016, vends green, white, and red kratom pills and powder. It is a relatively small business that takes pride in authentic, high-quality products and a dedication to customer care. Their Kratom is sourced exclusively from Indonesian farmers and other esteemed global wholesalers. Besides, the outsourced Kratom is screened in a lab for alkaloids, ensuring its efficiency and safety.

Furthermore, their Kratom is packaged in a new generation climate-controlled clean environment to ensure the product’s quality and credibility as per their site information. Nevertheless, their products are also double-sealed, meaning there would be no problems with shipment or delivery.

Many varieties of kratom leaves are categorized depending on environmental conditions, the color of the leaf veins, and its production area. Some of the kratom sources include:

Malay Kratom

Sumatra Kratom

Borneo Kratom

Bali Kratom

And for the color difference, you can have the following:

White Vein Kratom

Green Vein Kratom

Red Vein Kratom and more.

It is significant to acknowledge that distinctive shaded veins reflect various treatment features and guarantee to treat numerous medical conditions.


Ensured individual and private packaging.

Economical wholesale orders.

Guaranteed 30-day satisfaction payback.

Same-day shipping for all orders placed before 10:00 AM PST.

Accommodative and responsive support service.

Free delivery for orders above $50.


Under-18 clients cannot consume it.

Capsules are not vegan-friendly.

Expectant and nursing mothers cannot use it.

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Golden Monk focuses on a few high-quality items as well as purified, effective Kratom. Here is a rundown of the finest Golden Monk Kratom items.

1. Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da Kratom is Golden Monk’s best-selling kratom product. Many people believe that this kratom variant is the most powerful across the market. It is highly demanded by kratom fans globally. This strain is a powerful stimulant that does not trigger sudden drops in energy levels. It boosts the user’s metabolism, enthusiasm, and levels of energy. It is also a relaxant that can assist in relieving pain.

2. Red Vein Bali Kratom

This kratom product is among the least expensive in the company’s collection, making it an excellent option for those fresh in the kratom market. It has a soothing effect with relatively few side effects. After ingesting it, clients have indicated feeling more comfortable and enjoyed a decent sleep.

3. Kratom Capsules

Golden Monk Kratom Capsules are a handy remedy that is ideal for individuals who are constantly moving. Moreover, each capsule has been dosed, eliminating the need for speculation characterized with powdered forms.

4. Super Green Malay Kratom

This is a kratom strain differentiated by its vivid green caused by the soil and location where the kratom leaves are produced. Green Malay is extensively grown in Malaysia’s rural areas. It is the kratom form that has a more significant and lengthy impact than different green kratom forms. Furthermore, it contains additional alkaloids, which are helpful to your health. This product has a wide variety of benefits, ranging from pain relief, stress relief, curing insomnia to blood pressure control. It is often known as an ideal antidote to opioids recommended for weaning people off of opioids.

5. White Vein Borneo Kratom

This is a common and highly effective kratom variety. It operates quickly and operates just like coffee. This variant is rarer than red and green varieties and is in relatively higher demand by clients. Users consider taking it first thing in the morning to boost productivity. Moreover, the firm insists that there are relatively low or absent side effects of consuming this kratom strain.

Product screening

Golden Monk puts a focus on quality. Until Kratom is turned into a product, it is subjected to a series of rigorous and strict quality control checks. This is achieved in compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices policy.

Strict procedures are followed in the process, from processing to the Kratom’s storage in climate-controlled plants. This means that the product is free of bacteria and other pollutants that could damage it. Aside from the six different tests that the Kratom is subjected to, third-party verification is highly valued.


Regardless of the few shortcomings, shopping with Golden Monks presents you with numerous advantages. Apart from their variant products, Golden Monks’ shopping experience offers impressive features ranging from affordable pricing, discount on bulk shopping, free shipping for commodities above $50, to a relatively easy checkout.

Nevertheless, you can utilize the consumer loyalty scheme’s redeemable points with each dollar paid on purchases from Golden Monk. Golden Monk is also certain that you will obtain the best value for their low-cost wholesale sales and free priority delivery.

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#5. Left Coast Kratom: Wide Variety

Brand Overview

Left Coast Kratom is a family-owned company which is situated in Portland, Oregon, USA. Many emerging Kratom vendors offer substandard products and poor customer service. After seeing several companies in the market selling low-quality products and poor customer service, Left Coast kratom decided to start their company in 2017. They pledge to offer their consumers high-quality products and irresistible customer service.

Left Coast is one of the best kratom vendors that produces and sells the highest quality kratom powder, capsules, and extracts to their customers at a very reasonable rate. Left Coast Kratom takes pride in delivering the safest, purest, top-quality, and most effective kratom. All the products from the Left Coast are 100% natural and organically produced. Another reason that keeps Left Coast apart from its counterparts is that it offers unbeatable customer service and customer education.


6 Different options are available

Offers Best Quality powder and leaf

Lots of great and positive reviews

Free Same-day Shipping

Supreme quality products

100% satisfaction guarantee

Offers excellent discount and money-back guarantee


Not in the market space for too-long


Left Coast has divided its products into their main categories that are leaf, powder & capsules, and Extracts.

Kratom Tea and Leaf

Kratom Tea is the easiest way to consume kratom. It is an easy to make process. One of the major advantages of using kratom tea is that you will not eat the actual plant as you do in other methods. Eating plant matter can result in severe stomach aches; kratom tea may help you avoid it and will not make your stomach upset. Kratom Tea can be mixed with other flavors like sweeteners, citrus, and honey that can help your tea taste better.

Powder and Capsules

Another method of consuming kratom is to use powder-filled capsules and powder. Made from ground-up leaves, kratom powder is one of the efficient ways of consuming kratom. It is one of the quickest methods through which you can ingest kratom into your body. The capsules are easy to swallow. Kratom powder can be used to make tea, mixed with other foods, and taken as a capsule. Another benefit of kratom powder and capsules is that it is affordable to buy and store powdered kratom in bulk.

Though it is the easiest way of consuming kratom, it contains a lot of plant matter which may have a few side effects.


The extract is a great choice for consumers if they do not want to deal with the taste of kratom. The extract is often known as Full Spectrum Kratom (FST) is the best way to take kratom. The carrier oil is blended with alkaloids kratom plants so that consumers can directly ingest alkaloids. The extract is a concentrated form of kratom and can be easy to take. The prices of the extract are a bit higher as compared to other forms of kratom.


Left Coast Kratom is an established and reputable kratom vendor in the industry. We identify our responsibility to protect our customers and industry. We take pride in participating in the American Kratom Association (Good Manufacturing Practices )GMP Standard Program. We put the safety and health of our consumers at the forefront of what we do. And that’s why we always remain loyal to our Good Manufacturing Practices. We are also committed to delivering safe and effective kratom products to our customers. We do not strive for customer needs; we always go beyond to ensure that our customers review the highest quality kratom products.


As a newbie in the kratom industry, Left Coast Kratom has made an awe-inspiring impression on the customers. Since the inception of their operation, they have grown exponentially. They offer diverse and high-quality products and the best customer service. Thus, if you are looking for a new kratom vendor, then Left Coast Kratom is a good option for you.

#6. Organic Kratom USA - All-Natural Kratom Products

Brand Overview

Organic Kratom USA is yet another trustworthy seller that offers fresh kratom powder and various strains at reasonable rates. It is an American kratom vendor in Missouri. Organic Kratom does not source its Kratom from large-scale, conventional agricultural suppliers; instead, it obtains it from selected individual Indonesian producers that use natural harvesting techniques. This guarantees high-quality kratom leaves.

It is an American kratom vendor based in Missouri. Organic Kratom does not source its Kratom from large-scale, conventional agricultural supplies. It instead obtains it from individual Indonesian producers that use natural harvesting techniques. This guarantees high-quality kratom leaves.

Even though the business was established just a few years ago, they are off to a decent start due to their combination of excellent Kratom and outstanding customer support.


Direct sourcing.

Free shipping for goods above $89.

Variety products

Prompt customer service.


Partial payback for unsatisfied clients.

Relatively pricey products.


Organic Kratom USA is one of the most dynamic vendors in the kratom market. Their website offers hundreds of various Kratom strains, ranging from classics like:

1. Maeng Da Kratom.

2. Bali Kratom.

3. Malay Kratom.

4. Borneo Kratom.

5. Hulu Kratom.

6. Golden Bloom Kratom.

7. Green Emerald Kratom.

Some of this seller’s patented blends are created for clients suffering from particular conditions. For instance, their Red Initial Fibro Powder incorporates a mixture of Red strains that have been proven to be effective in treating fibromyalgia. This mix’s objective is to have acute pain relief with lengthy effects allowing clients to achieve benefits with relatively minimal Kratom doses each day.

Alternatively, if you feel bold and would like to explore other options, Organic Kratom USA’s Variety Packs allow you to pick up to five variant products for a low price. Practically all Kratom powders are likewise accessible in container structure; however, they are relatively more costly than the actual strains.


They have an elegant and simple-to-use website model and layout that helps even inexperienced users to place orders and maneuver around to explore other commodities. They have columns for all of their products where you can select your preferred vein color and kratom strain.


Organic Kratom USA’s objective is anchored on delivering a high-quality commodity to their clients at reasonable prices. Often, their rates are considerably lower than the market average, which is quite remarkable. Their prices differ based on the kratom strain you prefer, as well as the form and quantity. Moreover, if you are keen on purchasing bulk Kratom, you are eligible for a special discount. However, you will need to contact customer support service to clarify the specifics.


Organic Kratom USA provides free delivery on purchases above $89. Most Organic Kratom orders are delivered within a day and can take up to three days to get to your doorstep via standard postal service. Nevertheless, Organic Kratom USA will provide a tracking number via email when you place your order. This number will be instrumental in tracking the location of your order. It keeps you informed on when you should expect to get your package.

Besides, the company is also ready and willing to replace any damaged merchandise during shipment, provided you present a genuine photo of the package.

Support service

Organic Kratom USA can be reached via email or call. The support staff responds instantly and respectfully. Admittedly, they would not grant a complete refund on goods that have already been opened. If you are disappointed with a specific strain, you are still fit to use the 30-day satisfaction offer to acquire a substitute.

Bottom line

Organic Kratom USA is a relatively youthful online store with good credibility in the market. They offer a wide range of brands to pick from, and their rates are similarly reasonable. Besides, a bulk of their ratings are impressive, which instills some confidence in potential customers.

If you are a rookie seeking a genuine kratom seller or decide to swap vendors for whatever reason, try Organic Kratom USA to relish the utmost kratom experience within your budget.

Conclusion: Which Is The Best Place To Buy Kratom?

Kratom is a useful herb that can improve your life. If you want to get the desired results from kratom, then you should always buy kratom from the best kratom vendor.

After extensive research, we have concluded that Kats Botanicals is the best kratom vendor that offers high-quality kratom products to its users. However, you can buy kratom from any one of the vendors that are mentioned in this article.

Always remember excessive consumption of kratom may have some side effects on your body.

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