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R N' R Canna - You Will Feel The Difference

After getting tired of seeing the standards of CBD products fade away, Michael Macri decided to do something about it. After having his products get manipulated and sold under various brand names, he scaled back his production to focus on providing the highest quality CBD oil product on the market with R N' R Canna- a non-biomass, no stems, no trim, and no chemical extraction CBD oil.

“A lot of other companies add coconut oil or some other garbage that doesn’t matter, and call it a new CBD product,” Macri says. “We use one source: the same plant, all the way through. It’s completely pure. There’s no alcohol or other slush in it. And we grow the other ingredients ourselves. ”

There are three serums to choose from with R N' R- Rise, Rest, and Relax. The Rise Serum includes lemon, lime, pink pepper, black pepper, and copaiba to attain an energizing feeling in the morning. Rest Serum contains lavender and melatonin and is for those who may struggle with insomnia. There’s also Relax Serum, which is closer in makeup to Rise but has some ingredients that aim to help with stress relief. Each bottle is also 60mL, which will last a user twice as long as other competitors' 30mL bottles.

Instead of using the entire plant, R N' R Canna only uses the most medicinal parts of each plant during the cultivation, extraction and processing phases. The flowers and sugar leaves are chilled down to about -151 degrees Fahrenheit using only dry ice so that the trichomes can separate from the leaves. This results in the collection of kief, which is pure gold medicine, also known as hash. The hash is then compacted, pressed, and warmed to attain the raw and pure cannabis oil that is full of live cannabinoids. This process is longer than other extraction techniques, but the process is 100% chemical free and creates a product that is pure, consistent, and effective every time.

You can find more info on R N' R Canna and their products here.

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