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Territory Dispensary: Better Processes, Better Products

Walk into any Territory Dispensary and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve walked into the future. With long white tables and sleek modern displays, the interior of Territory Dispensary closely resembles what you would imagine the Apple Store to look like if it were a dispensary. However, what makes Territory Dispensary so special isn’t their futuristic store fronts, but rather what you don’t see happening behind the scenes.

If you were to judge by appearances only, it would seem safe to assume that Territory Dispensary is part of some larger corporation focused solely on outward appearances, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Territory Dispensary is truly a grassroots organization run by hands-on owners who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and who have a passion for producing superior medicinal products. While a lot of brands are focused on making a quick buck, Territory’s focus is on making sure they’re investing in production equipment, safety, the right talent, and making the right decisions for the organization so they’re able to produce better products that will benefit patients.

Territory Dispensary takes great pride in the products they put out and offers multiple house brands including Hī-Klas, Vital, and Higher Level Brands. Hī-Klas offers high quality THCA products like diamonds, live resin, shatter, and high terpene extractions all meticulously produced for a refined product with a pleasing taste. Vital and Higher level are Territory’s edible brands and are specifically formulated using sonication to break down the THC so the final product has a good bioavailability for the best delivery.

All of Territory Dispensary’s house brand products are developed with the highest standards possible in mind. When producing their products, the focus isn’t on yield, but rather on what’s in the best interest of the patient. Their goal is to provide the best possible medicine they can to the market, and to continually work on making their products better and better year over year. This patient first mindset with a focus on people and products over profit is truly the secret sauce to Territory Dispensary’s success.

From production to storefront operations, Territory Dispensary operates every facet of their business with patients in mind so you can feel confident you’re getting a safe, consistent, and high-quality medicinal product every single time.


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