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Best of Phoenix 2012: Sub Zero’s Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Forget those slow churned, soft served, frozen confections of the past. If you’re in the mood for dessert and a show, get your ice cream flash frozen at Sub Zero Ice Cream in Gilbert. We stopped by the storefront around noon before the droves came (seriously – who gives kids ice cream at 2 p.m.?) to ask operations manager KitMerkley how Sub Zero works.Cryogenics – the study of making things really, really cold – uses liquid nitrogen to transform your liquid base (premium, custard, yogurt, etc.) into ice cream. The liquid nitrogen comes from a tiny storage space on the side of the building, and funnels through pipes and a tank inside. Flip of a switch, and liquid nitrogen fog goes everywhere. It takes about 15 seconds, and because there’s no ice involved, there’s no ice crystals. Just velvety smooth ice cream.

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