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Best of Phoenix 2012: Sue Meyers of Bend a Light Neon Studio

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Creating neon signage is a dying art, says Sue Meyers, owner of Bend-A-Light Neon Studio. “We’re getting clobbered by China and LED lights, but neon will never go away – there’s too much of it around,” she says. She’s one of few women in the “boy’s club” neon industry, with Bend-A-Light going 20 years strong.We visited her studio just past 7th Avenue and Indian School Rd to watch her in action. When she has all three fires going to bend glass, the studio is an easy 130 degrees, but she was gracious enough to run the air conditioner so we could film in a breezy-by- comparison 90 degrees. Part art, part science, Meyers talks about her love for neon as she finishes a round light similar to the ones hanging in West 6 th apartments in Tempe.

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