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Phoenix New Times' 2013 Big Brain Finalists

by Claire Lawton | Thursday, April 25, 2013

Phoenix, we're surrounded. This year, we set out on a mission to find emerging creatives around the city who could use some cash for their next big projects. Truth is, there are countless individuals who continue to shape Phoenix through their visual art, performing art, design, online, culinary, and craft ventures. Here's work by the 18 finalists.Notes: - Thanks to the Big Brain Finalists for work shown in the video above. - Photos by Jamie Peachey, Katrina Montgomery, Becky Bartkowski, Claire Lawton, Benjamin Leatherman, Katie Johnson, Lauren Saria, and courtesy of the artists. Big Brain mark design by Peter Storch. - Justin Katz served as Motion Design Director - Flock of Pixels for the motion clip included. - Music by Kinch

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