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We Drove the Apache Trail So You Wouldn't Have To

by Tom Carlson | Monday, June 19, 2017

In The 10 Scariest Roads in Phoenix, Matthew Hendley says, "If you want a bad mix, combine an unpaved road with elderly tourists. That's Apache Trail, which in all fairness is quite a bit east of Phoenix proper, but it deserves mention. It's a helluva fun drive when it's just you and your Subaru on the scenic trail at 5 a.m., but when the snowbirds start their first "off-road" adventures, be prepared for some white-knuckle driving." The Apache Trail, also known as Arizona State Route 88, was also chosen as Best Desert Drive in the New Times' 2016 Best of Phoenix issue. Here, in a furiously paced six-ish minutes, you'll experience the journey from Apache Junction to Roosevelt Lake without committing the better part of the day to the trip yourself.

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