Game of Basketball Turns Into Robbery for Mesa Lads

Hey, guys, how about a game of basketball?

By the way, we'll take your ball -- and your phones.

From Mesa police:

Narrative      On 03.26.09 at about 1918 hours, officers were dispatched to the 637 W. Grove Circle reference an armed robbery that had just occurred.

Investigation at the scene revealed that 5 male juveniles were playing basketball in the park when a silver Lumina with Blue pin stripping showed up with 3 black males, all in their late teens or early 20s, and a black female driver. The 3 males played some basketball with the juveniles then walked off to the car with the basket ball. One of the juveniles was on the phone when one of the black males wearing a red shirt and jeans aprox. 20 years old returned from the car and said he wanted the victims phone. The victim said no. The suspect pulled a pistol and pointed it at the victims head and took the phone. The other black males patted down the remaining juveniles and took two other phones.

The 3 males got into the Lumina and the female driver drove the vehicle north away from the scene.

A search of the area was done with negative results.

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