December's Chow Bella Book Club Selection: Comfort Me with Apples by Ruth Reichl

Chow Bella Book Clubbers, are you ready for the holidays? We're already deep in run-around-and-be-festive mode, why not a book that might be familiar to some of you that's already been a New York Times bestseller - so we already know it's good one.

It's also full of recipes, stories of family, and written by one of the most revered food authors.

We chose Ruth Reichl's second memoir, Comfort Me with Apples: More Adventures at the Table. It's this month's Chow Bella Book Club selection.

All the sweet and crunchy details on this month's book after the jump.

I read Ruth Reichl's first memoir Tender to the Bone and loved it. I went out and purchased the second (the one we're reading) and then promptly got busy doing other things and Comfort Me with Apples has been sitting on my bookshelf for ages. I'm so excited to break into it, finally. This one, originally published in 2001, starts off in 1978 in the hippie world of Berkeley, the dissolution of her first marriage, the start of a second, being a mom at 40, good food (including some of her favorite recipes) and the start of Reichl's career as a food critic.

I'd love it if you could make time during the holiday rush so that we can read Comfort Me with Apples together.

You might or might not have known that Reichl was the Managing Editor at the now-defunct magazine Gourmet for ten years. She's continuing to lecture, among many other things, and also serves as editorial advisor for Gilt Taste which pairs their artisan marketplace with fine foods articles.

We spotted this recent YouTube interview with Reichl. I thought it'd be a nice way for us to "meet" the author before we get started:

If you are needing a copy of this month's selection, we have a solution. As with each of our titles, Changing Hands Bookstore has graciously offered them to our readers for 20% off the original price. Head over to the Changing Hands/Chow Bella Book Club website for details.

Mark your calendars, we'll be getting together online to meet about Comfort Me with Apples on January 3rd at 7 p.m. -- we'll have a "seat" waiting for you!

Jennifer Woods is a freelance food writer -- an Arizona native who has lived and worked in the food industry (in one way or another) in the Valley for the last 11 years. She is currently a work-from-home-mom who loves to cook, eat, read about food, support local food producers and share that love with her husband and two small kids.

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