Racist Daisy-Chain

The Wild Turkey calls the guv a coward, outs Republican white supremacists, and searches for Dennis Wilenchikís lost subpoenas

So look who's got a neo-Nazi in the woodpile: the Maricopa County Republican Party. This plumed penman first sniffed a whiff of National Socialism in local GOP ranks when The Bird was forwarded an e-mail signed by the Ernst Roehm of the East Valley, J.T. Ready, in which the turd-Reicher mentioned he's a Republican Precinct Committeeman.

Could the party of Abe Lincoln have sunk so low, locally, wondered this warbler?

Ready's the same twice-court-martialed ex-Marine who was recently in Omaha, Nebraska, for a brownshirt rally, as online photo galleries of the event have shown. Ready even received kudos from National Socialist Movement Commander Jeff Schoep, who cited "JT Ready/Arizona Republican activist" as a guest blowhard.

Fred Harper
Bosom buddies: J.T. Ready (left) and Russell Pearce at an anti-immigrant fest in June. Photo from the Web site of the racist White Knights of America.
Bosom buddies: J.T. Ready (left) and Russell Pearce at an anti-immigrant fest in June. Photo from the Web site of the racist White Knights of America.

It ain't the first such shindig Ready's attended. In 2006, Ready graced the neo-Nazi National Vanguard's Winterfest event in the PHX, reportedly clad in a Scottish kilt. And sources have peeped to this tweeter of Ready's participation in nighttime pagan/neo-Nazi drinking parties, called blots (pronounced "bloats"), where Ready's guzzled mead while sporting a Viking helmet.

Sounds ridiculous, but the ridiculousness turns troubling once you know Ready's armed and potentially dangerous. When DPS stopped Ready's black Chevy Impala in April for displaying a fictitious plate, he was strapped with a 9mm Beretta. Ready was arrested, his car was impounded, and he was charged with illegally possessing a traffic preemption emitter, a device that can change red lights to green. Officers also found white-power literature in the vehicle.

Ready goes by the handle "Viking Son" on his Web page at NSM's newsaxon.com, "an online community for whites, by whites." His profile is filled with photos of himself at nativist demos. There's one of him in Omaha, stuffed into a suit, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with swastika-bearers.

The blog on Ready's NewSaxon page is regularly updated with anti-Semitic screeds and discussions of weaponry and tactics for the "upcoming Race War." In one rant, Ready claims Jews have "a rat-like appearence" [sic], and "hooked" noses "shaped like the number 6."

In another post, he spews, "The jew is the most vile parasite ever to infest this planet. All the cancer ever to exist . . . is far less to loathe than the evil of the average living jew."

This avian first thought Ready was lying about being a precinct committeeman, one of the, um, storm troopers of the two-party system. The unpaid position can be appointed or elected, and PCs usually help their party get out the vote. Ready's fibbed about his résumé in the past, specifically in regard to his criminal and military history. This, while running for the Mesa City Council in 2006.

A call to campaign finance director Kristi Passarelli at Maricopa County Elections confirmed Ready was telling the truth about his PC-ship. Passarelli informed this pelican that Ready was elected in 2006 from precinct 529, also known as Mesa 67. There were two slots open for Republicans, but Ready was the only one on the ballot in that primary. He received 36 votes.

County Republican Party Chairman Lyle Tuttle was too busy playing golf to return The Bird's call. But Sean McCaffrey, executive director of the state GOP told the Taloned One the party was unaware of Ready's Republican position. He vowed Ready will be asked to step down. If Ready refuses, the party will field candidates for his PC-ship in '08, when Ready's term's up, to make sure Ready's not re-elected.

"People that campaign on hate and people that campaign on fear, well, that eliminates neo-Nazis and Democrats from the Republican Party," McCaffrey informed this egret.

Cute comparison, Sean. But local Dems aren't the ones with an Adolf Hitler-lover in-house.

Nor does McCaffrey's cheap shot explain why the Arizona GOP didn't try to stop Ready from becoming a precinct committeeman in '06. McCaffrey's excuse was that he'd just arrived in AZ this March, and that most of his staff is new and from out of state.

But state Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen's no neophyte to local politics, being a two-time loser in the Phoenix mayoral race. Pullen can't be expected to know all the more than 3,000 Republican PCs, but Pullen and Ready run in the same immigrant-hating circles. They've spoken at the same Mexican-baiting rallies. And both have attended meetings of Rusty Childress' immigrant-bashing United for a Sovereign America.

Also, Ready's tight with state Representative Russell Pearce, who's bashed Mexicans ever since a Latino teen shot off his finger when he was a county sheriff's deputy. Pearce is a racist law machine, pumping out statute after statute targeting the brown segment of AZ's population. At a June anti-illegal demonstration at the state Capitol, Ready and Pearce worked the crowd arm-in-arm.

Remember when Pearce forwarded a neo-Nazi e-mail to supporters in '06? Pearce claimed a "friend" sent him the e-mail. Could that "friend" have a last name that rhymes with "Freddy"?

The blanket isn't big enough these days for all the bigoted bedfellows who want in on the nativist lovefest. In any other state, Pearce's ties to a white nationalist like Ready would make him a pariah, especially after the outrage over that neo-Nazi e-mail.

Instead, both Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Candy Thomas recently honored Pearce at a "gala reception" and dinner to raise moolah for Pearce's committee exploring a primary challenge to Congressman Jeff Flake, a moderate Republican who's championed comprehensive immigration reform. It was $100 a plate for the dinner, $200 if you wanted a pic of yourself with Thomas, Arpaio, or radio wingnut Bruce Jacobs. Minuteman leader Chris Simcox was on the fundraiser's planning committee.

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Wow. Arizona is one crazy-ass state......to think I once considered moving there. Thank God I didn't. It's surprising that no one does anything about Arizona's sad sad situation.


Who are you, Thorsson, the heathen event police? FB didn't say his source said that it was an Asatru or Troth blot specifically. Maybe there are some neo-Nazi blots in town that you don't know about. Poor, poor white people, have to arrange to wear funny hats and drink mead in the desert because they don't have a distinguishable culture to be proud of in this century.


Anyone who thinks that the Asatru ceremony known as the BLOT is a neo nazi or racially bigoted event in any way,shape or form knows very little,if anything about it or our way.I don't care if said person is one who attends the event casually and happens to have some fascistic beliefs that the LARGEST PART of the Asatru community do not share,or if said person is a liberal demagogue writer for the new times who thrives on giving people a poorly earned spotlight for his own sensational ends;If you think that our beliefs,rites and practices are in any way bigoted,you need to do what Paul Tsongas once encouraged the media to do-YOUR GODDAMNED HOMEWORK!


Todd Stallion
Todd Stallion

I'm all Greased Up, and ready for some ACTION. Especially when my loyal subjects Dennis and Andrew both rub a juicy piece of Smitty's peperonni pizza all over my Royal Stallion. YeeeeeHawwww.

J. Adler
J. Adler

How can the Republican party allow this buffoon of a neo-Nazi in their ranks? J.T. Ready would have had no place in the AZ GOP when Goldwater (Barry, not doofus Don) was around. But with the party run by the likes of Randy Pullen and Russell Pearce, it's turned into a gutter filled with racist trash like Ready. I'm so disgusted I could puke.

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