Dope Springs Eternal

Why can’t every day be the Holiday of Cannabis Appreciation?

March showcases the get-shitfaced Irish festival. In May, we have the white-boy/dude/bro-friendly Drinko de Mayo. So what so-called holiday can we waste our pathetic lives celebrating in April? Hmm?

Oh, yeah. Duh. The international holiday of cannabis appreciation, otherwise known as 4:20. (We promise we’re not stoned. Well, at least not yet.)

There are a number of red-eyed shindigs in honor of the herb going down around town, but one of the best is the 4:20 Pizza Party. Hot Mess Sundays (the Yucca’s bi-weekly shindig hosted by DJ Epidemic and DJ Dizzy D) and Juicy Jay’s rolling papers will blow up the spot with old-school, funk, hip-hop, and more on the wheels of steel. The eve will also feature free pizza (yes!) as well as the first-ever live gig by Silver Medallion, a hyperactive electro-clash duo straight outta Scottsdale that consists of up-and-coming songwriter mc Carnegie and tight2def singer Oren J.

Sun., April 20, 9 p.m.-2 a.m., 2008
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