Reverend Deadeye


Reverend Deadeye is scheduled to perform on Saturday, January 17, at Last Exit and on Monday, January 19, at the Rhythm Room.

We probably should've seen it coming. After The White Stripes hit the big time earlier this decade, a host of other two-piece acts followed in their footsteps, from the bluesy rock of the Black Keys to the bass-driven dance-punk of Death from Above 1979 to the sludgy doom metal of Black Cobra. Nowadays, those bands sound downright grandiose compared to the current crop of one-man bands hitting the club circuit. Denver's Reverend Deadeye is one of a growing number of one-man bands trying to shed the "gimmick" label with a sound that's equal parts low-fi punk and revivalist Delta blues. The good Reverend belts out his unique interpretation of the Gospel through a rusty beer can-turned-microphone, strumming an electric resonator guitar and keeping the beat with a lone bass drum. It's as dance-worthy as it is gritty and profound as it is profane. Fans of Bob Log III and/or Scott H. Biram will not want to miss Reverend Deadeye when he makes a pair of stops in the Valley this week.

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