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 Treats, the debut record by the Brooklyn boy-girl duo Sleigh Bells is one big sugar rush, a summertime explosion of electro pop that, by autumn, likely will reveal itself as just another guilty pleasure or, worse, just another indie band with more buzz than sting. The 11-song record is a fast-paced assault of Derek E. Miller's crunchy metal riffs, conspicuous drum machine beats, and campy synth blasts. Singer Alexis Krauss' candy-coated hip-hop and grrl punk chants ("Street wars, straight men / Cowboys, Indians / Red souls, red friends / Infinity guitars, go 'head) are as absurdly catchy as they are silly. Sleigh Bells are less concerned with a message than they are how to deliver a message, and even with a short 32-minute running time, that game grows tiresome quickly. Miller and Krauss seem to be banking on your forgetting that just six years ago, the New York trio Le Tigre all but perfected the dance-punk formula on This Island. It's aggravating that Sleigh Bells aren't borrowing that formula so much as they are simply ripping it off.
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joel d krauss
joel d krauss

Your review of Treats seems to condense all the negative comments I've read,thats why I chose to reply. Here today, gone tomorrow - maybe. Sugary, pop, I can agree with those adjectives. I would add a few myself: Unique, courageous(make an album this anticipated completely relying on your own musical vision re: distortion,volume, etc.)Many "indie" bands like Le Tigre simply took 80's synth pop and regurgitated it back virtually unchanged. Treats takes POP! sensibility and drags it twisted and screaming into 2010. It's a musical muscle car, yes, but look underneath the hood and you'll find some brilliant subtleties. When I listen to the radio and Tell' Em comes on, it don't sound like ANYTHING else, and I turn my radio up LOUD! Thats what it's all about, and that's ok for now.

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