American Idol Live! Tour 2010

Casey James
Casey James


American Idol Live! is scheduled for Thursday, August 12, at US Airways Center.
The 2010 season of American Idol was the show's most lackluster yet. No big scandals, no flamboyantly gay contestants, no Paula Abdul train wreck. In the end, viewers were left to vote between a dirty hippie and a paint salesman with no personality. It's a wonder American Idol Live! is still selling tickets at US Airways Center — nationwide sales have been poor. The concert may have been canceled in some cities, but not even a Sound Strike boycott is going to stop the wanna-be Idols from playing the Valley. Because, you know, this could very well be the last we ever hear from most of them. So why should you go? With the fate of AI about as stable as Abdul's sanity, who knows whether this tour will ever happen again? This could be your last chance to see onstage one of the most cheese-tastic non-theater productions ever, complete with group dance numbers and ear-splitting covers. Yes, you may never again be able to watch 10 C-list karaoke singers perform in an arena setting. It's almost sad enough to inspire a ballad complete with fake tears at the end. And you can bet there will be plenty of those at the show.
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Dear Nicki Escudero, Crystal Bowersox is as nice a Young Lady as You Will Ever Meet ! I met her on August 18th outside of Sacramnento's Arco Arena after Our Infamous Water Balloon Fight with Her :)She is Not Like You Envision Her at All, Much the Contrary She is Fair Complected, Tidy, Neat, and Sparkling with a Joy For Life and Has a Great Sense of Humor and Fun Loving !i stood right next to Crystal, and had my picture taken with her. She is as Clean as Can Be!Nicki YOU NEED to take some lessons from Crystal on How to be a Decent Human Being, because you are sorely lacking in that area for Sure.A Crystal Bowersox Fan Forever Village Idiot Number 4 Billy Z.

Shorehouse 1
Shorehouse 1

How sad, whoever writes this has managed to show prejudice, intolerance and confusion. I thought America was riding above this. The good thing I know is that people can see beyond how people look and listen to the heart of things.

From a happy hippy in her sixties living on a wonderful island in the northern climes of Scotland


I will try to be nice about this..I just wonder how such a poisoned mouth, finger, pen, whatever he/she came to get this job. A good place for you to be is cleaning toilets.I like the last poster am a senior citizen and normally do not respond to such trash, but calling Crystal "A Dirty Hippy" was just way to much. That young lady has more class in her little finger than you do in your whole body. I would hope that your employers would take a look at your nonsensical review and re-consider your employment, or at least put you in the toilet where you belong!I have no idea of your upbringing, but mine was that if I don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all. (Yeah I know I am not following my own upbringing) You are entitled to your opinion, but you should keep it to yourself, you are not a writer you are a purveyor of hate and trash. The world is way to full of your type! I have lived long enough to learn that hate will catch up with you, that's the way life works. I also know that anything I say here, if you read it, will not make a bit of difference to you because of the powerful feeling you get from being able to trash people and seemingly get away with it. I can not keep my fingers from typing this.I have no idea how Crystal will do as a professional musician, but I for one will buy anything and everything she does and I know there are a lot of folks out in the world who understand and enjoy good from the heart music when they hear it and feel the same as me.I hope they express their displeasure with you as I have. So much for trying to be nice.Dave, Bastrop, Tx.


Nicki Escudero, what a TERRIBLE thing for you to write: "A dirty Hippie" and "A paint salesman with no personality". . . you should have your mouth washed out with soap! This season of the Idols was "great" and the top 10 on tour have done a "FANTASTIC" show with lots of positive reactions from those in attendance. I have followed every show on the tour and I am so excited about the recordings that they will be doing, especially the one that Lee DeWyze, (yes, the paint salesman) will do. He is a "great" singer and performer who I expect will be going on to have a "huge" career. Also, Crystal, ( to whom you described as a dirty hippie) has a massive fanbase and will also make her mark in the music industry. I will hope that you will make a "PUBLIC" apology to the Idols and especially to Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersocks and in the future will up your class of writing. I am a senior citizen and expect people in the public eye (which includes reporters) to have some class in their professions.Jean Johnson, Las Vegas, NV

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