Scott Stapp @ Fort McDowell Casino

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Fort McDowell Casino

10424 N. Fort McDowell Road
Fort Mcdowell, AZ 85264

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Scott Stapp is scheduled to perform on Friday, October 1, at the Fort McDowell Casino in Fountain Hills.

The lead singer of a band that sold 25 million albums is performing a solo acoustic show in a smallish venue. That should probably be a pretty big deal, but most people wouldn't go to see Scott Stapp on a bet. There aren't too many living frontmen more despised than this guy, and he probably deserves most of the scorn. Sex tapes are old hat, but when you drape your music in a terrible Osteenian Christian veneer while everyone might suspect you're living the rock 'n' roll lifestyle backstage, no one wants to see your hypocrisy in visual form. Scott Stapp has made an entire career out of aping a single guttural vocal riff Eddie Vedder delivered on Pearl Jam's debut album. Thankfully, Stapp seems to be fading into the distance. The Creed reunion wasn't received with the same fervor the band experienced when "With Arms Wide Open" dominated the airwaves and, in fact, the band's most recent record, Full Circle, hasn't even gone gold. But, if you're a fan, you'll be there regardless of any criticism that we mortals have for him. Lord willing, we won't have Scott Stapp to kick around for much longer.

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Just another half-baked pseudo-article written by yet another moron who still thinks it is cool to hate Creed. The Eddie Vedder comparisons are so old, can't you come up with anything else? So, what you are saying is that Scott is the only one who has ever messed up in life and never deserves a second chance to prove that people really can change? If you are going to attempt to write an "article" about someone, at least have the common decency and intelligence to do your homework. He has done many, many interviews even over the last year or so, explaining what happened and how he has turned his life around. And by the way, the Creed tour did a lot better than what you are alluding to. They also had #1 singles on iTunes. Not that many artists sell millions of records anymore except hacks like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga-rubbish for the ignorant public. If you don't like Scott or Creed, it's as simple as not listening to the music. And by the way, neither one are going away.

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