Oak Creek Music Festival @ Sedona's Martini Bar


Oak Creek Music Festival is scheduled to take place Saturday, July 21, at The Martini Bar in Sedona.

Looking for their place in Sedona culture somewhere between the vortexes and sweat lodges, the spiritual city's musicians find a way to nestle their love for pan flute into everyday interactions. Need to go to the grocery store? Boom. Pan flutist. Heading out to the bar to have a raucous night with your bros? Pan flute out the wazoo. Nothing brings a party down quite like an instrument you can buy at an art fair. Sometimes you just need a break from the metaphysical to rock. Luckily, such Phoenix acts as Danger Paul, PALMS, The Wiley One, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Future Loves Past, A Life of Science, and Field Tripp know how to do just that. These bands, plus Sedona's own Decker and dozens of other local bands and DJs, are taking their shows northward for the Oak Creek Music Festival, a one-day, two-stage blowout that's been deemed "Sedona's biggest party of the summer." The festival starts quiet, with sets beginning at 2 p.m., before evolving into a full-on dance party by closing time. DJ support from Ex-Ghost keeps the party moving between sets.

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