Pop-Up Parks Take Over Parking Spots on PARK(ing) Day

Yep, that used to be a parking spot ... and it probably will be again tomorrow.

But today, on Mill Avenue and in other public parking spaces in Phoenix, small PARK(ing) spots have taken over.

The guerrilla campaign, PARK(ing) Day, is a worldwide event that aims to raise awareness about public parks and community spaces. The creators of these plant-filled resting spots have no permission to set up, but they say they're going to feed the meters of the spots they take over.

Which means yes, all that money does eventually go back to the city and potentially funds more public parking spots --  but it's important to note just how creative these people are getting.

More information about PARK(ing) Day and pictures after the jump.

Pop-Up Parks Take Over Parking Spots on PARK(ing) Day
photo: Cyndi Coon

photo: Cyndi Coon

Upcoming Events

Check out the highly decorated, functioning garden spots on Mill Avenue and in downtown Phoenix, which will be up for the rest of the day.

You'll just have to figure out where to park.

Read more about PARK(ing) day events happening around the country at parkingday.org

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